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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated
April 6, 2020, at 5:20 p.m.

For any questions, contact:


Latest ULaval instructions

April 6, 2020, 5:20 p.m.

Towards a reduction of our messages

Since the beginning of this crisis, we have been communicating with you by e-mail on a daily basis. The new instructions to be made known and the decisions we have made to encourage distance learning required it. We believe that we can now slow the pace of communication to two messages per week, to keep you informed on a regular basis of developments that may still occur in relation to COVID-19. At any time, you can refer to the information updated in real time on the COVID-19 page of the University's website, or you can write to A dedicated team will answer your questions promptly.

No recovery of personal effects

The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Jean-François Roberge, reiterated his request to all educational institutions to cease all operations to recover personal belongings, in accordance with Public Health directives. You will be informed at the beginning of May when you will be able to pick up your personal belongings on campus. 

Locker Rental Service Interrupted 

The Building Services Department wishes to inform the entire student community that due to the suspension of classes, the locker rental service is suspended until May 4, 2020. For those who already have a locker, your lock may remain on it until you come to pick up your belongings. 


Services on campus

Access to buildings

From March 19 until March 30, access to the various buildings is restricted to authorized faculty and service personnel only. 

Main campus buildings

  • The buildings will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and locked from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Only the main door and a limited number of secondary doors will be unlocked.
  • Security guards will patrol during the opening period to ensure that there are no unauthorized students or gatherings. In such cases, they will ask individuals to leave.
  • Contractors will be allowed access to construction sites during this period.
  • Access to the laboratories identified by the faculty directorates will be permitted only to authorized persons.

Other buildings

The premises will be accessible only to persons authorized by the responsible managers.


Until May 3rd, the Library will be accessible only online. Accommodations will be offered for specific document lending needs. Watch the Library's website for more information.


All sports activities at PEPS are suspended until May 3rd. Administrative services are maintained. Consult the Sports Activities Service website for more information.

Support for Students

Despite the current situation, the Student Services Department continues to offer several services to Université Laval students:
 Student Help Center (Centre d’aide aux étudiants, CAE) 

Appointments and follow-up meetings in the Student Help Center for students who require help or have disabilities, will be maintained and offered remotely.
To request psychological support, you may complete the form on the following website: 
Psychological support services will be offered to students remotely (on the telephone or on internet) in certain circumstances.
Web tools for people who are anxious about the current situation are available at all times on the CAE (Centre d’aide aux étudiants, Student Help Center) website. 
Here are some additional web-sites offering assistance:
For further details:
Members of the university community who are worried about a student, may write to:  
The Student Help Center will follow-up with the student as soon as possible.
Scholarship and Financial Aid Office (Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière)

The financial hardship bursary is intended for students facing a budget deficit that prevents them from meeting their basic needs, who temporarily find themselves in a situation where it is no longer possible to further reduce their expenses or increase their income, and for whom the pursuit of their studies may be jeopardized.
Support will be offered by email to students to answer any questions regarding ULaval or research scholarships. Please complete the following form: 
Support will also be offered by email to students receiving government loans and bursaries (note that the April payments will be sent out as usual).
For further details:
Student Life Office (Bureau de la vie étudiante, BVE)
In light of Québec government and Université Laval COVID-19 management guidelines, BVE is temporarily suspending all in-person services.
Until further notice:

  • All BVE group activities are suspended (workshops, conferences, etc.).
  • The individual walk-in advising service for international students is suspended. Instead, students are encouraged to send an email to: 
  • Rooms that student associations usually use will not be available.
  • The Imageothèque (Visual Library) and Salle d’exposition (Exhibit Gallery) are closed.
  • If you have any questions about BVE services, please send an email to:

Student associations may contact their student life advisors (French only).
Please check the BVE web page regularly, as well as the university COVID-19 web page, to learn more about the changing situation and the various public health recommendations. The COVID-19 web page will be kept up to date on an ongoing basis.
For further details:
Placement service (Service de placement)
Some workshops may be offered online.
Appointment requests and follow-ups will be maintained and offered remotely.
Students may continue to apply for job and internship offers using the usual procedure.
For further details:


For your health and that of your loved ones, we ask you to leave the residences.

The spread of COVID-19 is changing from day to day. Although we currently have no cases inside our four residential buildings, we are not immune to an outbreak that could spread rapidly.

This is why the Université Laval is asking you to leave your room as soon as possible, free of charge. If you have the chance to return home, if you have family or a friend who can accommodate you, choose this option quickly to protect your health and that of your loved ones. Rest assured that this decision was not taken lightly but in the common interest. We understand its impact and sympathize with you. We will try to accommodate you as best we can within our means.

This is an essential measure to curb the spread of COVID-19. Although disinfection measures have been enhanced, the configuration of our residences with common areas is conducive to the spread of this type of virus.

Please confirm your intention to terminate your lease at no charge and indicate your departure date by writing to  Those who are unable to leave the premises due to exceptional circumstances should also write to us to indicate this.  

All those who are unable to vacate their accommodation will, however, be required to follow strict instructions. From now on, anyone who contravenes any of these instructions must leave the Université Laval residences

The following instructions must be strictly observed at all times:

  • Sanitary measures must be observed at all times
  • No social activities may be held and will not be tolerated
  • No visitors are allowed in the protected areas of the residences
  • No gatherings are allowed in the common rooms, kitchens; if there are several people there, they must observe, at all times, sanitary measures and social distancing
  • No gathering is permitted in the bedrooms.
  • No lack of good citizenship or disrespect towards the employees of the Residential Services or the Security and Prevention Service will be tolerated; good citizenship for all and towards all is required at all times.

For more information, please contact the Residence Service by email


The university offers free parking to members of the university community who must report to the campus and wish to limit their travel by public transit. Since these people have already made their contribution to sustainable development, category 3 parking is available until March 27 inclusively. We will keep you informed of any upcoming changes, if applicable. 


Other informations

Travel outside Canada and isolation measures

Due to the state of health emergency declared throughout Quebec and in several Canadian provinces and territories, Laval University is asking that all travel in Quebec and other Canadian provinces be limited to what is strictly necessary until further notice. Meetings by telephone or videoconference should be preferred. 

Travel outside Canada is still prohibited until further notice.

These measures are intended for the entire university community: students, faculty and staff members. These measures apply to all travel required in the performance of duties or in connection with, among other things, an internship, a student exchange, an international mobility program, a research program, a competition or a conference. 

Period of compulsory isolation

Mandatory 14-day segregation applies to students, faculty and staff who have returned from a stay outside Canada for professional or personal reasons since March 12. 
Mandatory segregation does not apply to those who returned prior to March 12, unless the country being visited is covered by Government of Canada travel advisories. However, these individuals must closely monitor their symptoms for 14 days following their return to Quebec. If symptoms occur, they should isolate themselves immediately and contact 1 877 644-4545. In addition, it is important for students to inform their program director. 

Travel and group insurance

Travel insurance

Check with your insurance company to see whether you will be covered for trip cancellation or interruption in the event that the Canadian government recommends avoiding non-essential travel to the area you would like to travel to. The coronavirus has become a “known” issue, so some insurance companies don’t cover this risk anymore. Cancellation insurance is for unforeseen situations only.

Office de la protection du consommateur [Québec’s consumer protection bureau]

Travellers who have purchased their airline ticket or paid for other travel services through a Québec-licensed travel agent could benefit from coverage under the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (CFCTA). This fund is administered by the Office de la protection du consommateur (link in French only). The fund could reimburse you for travel services you paid for but won’t able to use because of Canadian government advice to avoid non-essential travel to the area you were going to go to.

ULaval Faculty and Staff 

We ask that faculty and staff members of Université Laval regularly consult the intranet RH (Human resources intranet; French only) where they can find all the information regarding their group travel insurance plan. Communications related to travel insurance and the coronavirus are presented in the news section of each category of employment. 

International students

We are being asked to suspend the arrival of new international students scheduled to start at Université Laval on March 13, 2020, or later. The arrival on campus of any other person from a foreign country for non essential reasons must be reconsidered. These people will be asked to self isolate on a case-by-case basis.


As announced by the Premier on March 12, all indoor gatherings of 250 people or more in one place are cancelled for the time being. From now until the end of the semester, the only gatherings that should be held are those essential to the University’s research and teaching missions.

Financial impact of cancellations

We are aware that these new directives may force some staff members to cancel or reschedule professional activities that have already been paid for. We will have more information for you on that subject shortly. 
We will keep you informed as the situation evolves. Please check the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page on Université Laval’s website for the latest updates.

Health recommendations

Visit the Québec government website to learn about the recommended basic, preventive hygiene measures that everyone can follow, the symptoms of the coronavirus disease, and how the disease is transmitted.

Québec residents who develop fever or cough symptoms or respiratory difficulties within 14 days of returning from a trip are encouraged to contact Gouvernement du Québec COVID‑19 information line 1 877 644-4545. If a consultation is required, it is important to inform the healthcare facility about your travel history before going to the facility or as soon as you arrive so that the necessary preventive measures can be taken.

Recognized hygiene measures

Recognized hygiene measures are recommended for everyone:

  • Wash your hands often with soap under warm running water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand rub if soap and water are not available.

Practice proper cough and sneeze etiquette

  • Cover your mouth and nose with your arm to reduce the spread of germs.
  • If you use a tissue, dispose of it as soon as possible and wash your hands afterwards.

For more information and developments