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Yan Cimon

Dr. Yan Cimon is deputy Vice Rector, International Affairs and Francophonie as well as a full professor of strategy at the Université Laval Faculty of Business Administration (Québec City, Canada). He is the outgoing director of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT) and has taught senior executives on four continents. He is active with the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés, which presented him with a Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015.

His research and activities focus on business models, strategy, and alliances and networks in various industries, including but not limited to aerospace and defence, automotive, retail, and telecom equipment manufacturing. He is also keenly interested in the strategic and governance issues that North American businesses face as well as the international trends affecting them. In this regard, he has given more than 100 presentations to specialists and been quoted over 1,000 times in national and international media. He was awarded the Hermès Award for outstanding community relations at the FSA ULaval awards ceremony in 2018.

In the fall of 2012, he held the Fulbright Visiting Chair in Innovation at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he studied the integration of Canada-U.S. value chains. In addition, he was named “Star Researcher” in 2010 at the Rendez-vous du Savoir in recognition of the impact of his work. He also received an Action Canada fellowship in 2005–2006. His research has earned numerous awards and paved the way for collaborations with a number of businesses and government agencies. He currently sits on the boards of directors of Coop Zone and the French international association of research in logistics and supply chain management (AIRLSCM). He is a member of the Alpha Iota Delta Honor Society.