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Filming and photography on campus

Any plan to capture video or photographic images on the campus must first be submitted to the media relations staff at the Communications Department, who will liaise with campus security and any other relevant parties at Université Laval.

General steps to follow to obtain a shooting permit

  1. Whether you're a student, an employee, a member of the media, an external organization, or someone else, you must receive written permission from the Communications Department to capture video or photographic images or to shoot a film or documentary on the Université Laval campus.
  2. Applications must be submitted at least five (5) business days before the shoot date using the online request form.

Specific considerations regarding image capture using drones on campus

There has been a big increase in requests to take aerial images of the university using drones, whether for promotional, artistic, or scientific purposes.

While drone photography is less expensive than traditional methods such as airplanes and helicopters, it too has a cost. It must be done safely, in accordance with Canadian aviation regulations and government regulations on the use of drones.

Here's what to do:

Contact Us

To request a permit, please use the request form.
For any additional information, please contact