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Université Laval at a glance

Université Laval is a major teaching and research university with a global vision, recognized for training socially engaged and committed leaders. Its study environment and culture of sustainable development contribute to community well-being.


Our student population for the fall 2018 term:

43,000 students

  • 69% full-time
  • 26% in graduate programs

Some 7,000 international students or permanent residents registered each year, making up 14% of the total student body

More than 230 student associations

grouped under two student unions:

  • CADEUL, for undergraduate students
  • AELIÉS, for graduate students

Some 900 students

studying outside Québec each year, making Université Laval a leader in student mobility

Faculty and teaching staff

For the fall 2018 term:

1,620 professors

2,205 lecturers and other teaching and research staff

670 adjunct professors and more than 6,000 professionals providing clinical instruction across our health and social services network

Our graduates

12,632 diplomas and certificates awarded in 2016–2017:

5,557 bachelor’s degrees

2,197 master’s degrees

345 doctorates

2,203 certificates

504 specialized graduate diplomas

1,826 short program certificates of completion and other attestations


More than 9,600 full- and part-time employees, including:

3,045 staff members

in administrative and support roles

2,730 students

working on campus


17 faculties

Over 60 departments, schools, and institutes

500 programs

in every field of knowledge

5 study profiles

Sustainable Development, Honours, Entrepreneurial, International, and Research

46 educational leadership chairs

More than 100 programs and more than 1,000 courses offered entirely online

More than 900 partnership agreements

with some 600 institutions of higher education and various organizations in 77 countries

More than 6,500 course websites

available on the monPortail online portal, where students can also access services and information related to their studies and learning

A summer school lineup

that is one of the most robust and innovative in Canada

Some 9,000 students enrolled in continuing education activities in Québec City, Montréal, and other regions of the province in 2017-2018. Of these students, 4,000 were enrolled in lifelong learning courses for seniors at UL’s Université du 3e âge (UTA) in Québec City.

Another 1.7 million people are served by RUIS Université Laval, the integrated university health network, which provides continuing education for healthcare professionals in Eastern Québec.

Université Laval ranks third for student satisfaction out of Canada’s top 15 research universities according to Maclean’s magazine.


$403.8 million in research funding, making Université Laval the seventh-ranked research university in Canada
Over 275 research centres, chairs, institutes, and other groups

4 Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERCs)

No other university in Canada has as many

82 Canada Research Chairs

76 partnership research chairs

40 research centres recognized by the University Council

11 interdisciplinary institutes

2 joint research units (UMRs)

4 international joint units (UMIs)

Several northern research stations

Many affiliated research institutions, including the CHU de Québec–Université Laval Research Centre, North America’s premier francophone health research centre.

4 major transdisciplinary research projects

Sentinel North

Alliance Santé Québec

Institut nordique du Québec

Alliance culture+numérique

A $98 million grant awarded to Université Laval in 2015 by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, UL’s largest to date, reaffirmed its national and global leadership in the fields of Arctic sciences, optics-photonics, cardiometabolic health, and mental health.

The many faces of research at Université Laval

Our researchers and innovators explore, work, and create in an infinite variety of fields and ways. From brain research to musical creation to efforts to put an end to domestic violence, Université Laval’s researchers make a difference in everyday lives. Watch for the feature series “Université Laval in our lives” in Le Soleil to learn about the many faces of research at Université Laval.

Campus life that can’t be beat

A 1.8 km2 university campus, 64% of which is greenspace and wooded areas, located in the heart of the historic city of Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site ranked the best city in Canada in 2017 for the second year in a row by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.

Nearly 40 buildings

linked by a network of over 5 km of pedestrian tunnels

8 km of bike paths

and 65 low-cost rental bikes

Student residences offering more than 2,300 rooms

that have been awarded “Établissement vert Brundtland” green certification

One of Canada’s biggest and most modern university sports complexes

and one of the best varsity sports programs in the country: 400 student athletes in 14 Rouge et Or clubs known for their tradition of excellence

The campus also boasts:

A library system ranked among the best in Canada for its extensive research collection and expanded digital services

A number of other teaching and research sites, including Forêt Montmorency, the largest teaching and research forest in the world

In 2015, Université Laval became Canada’s first voluntarily carbon neutral university, and its campus is known as a model living environment. In fall 2016 the university also renewed its gold rating under the STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) program, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development. Our university is currently ranked #2 in the country and #8 in the world.


Roughly 50% of our researchers’ scholarly publications

are collaborations with at least one international researcher

Impact and influence

Over 300,000 alumni worldwide

50 alumni clubs and 5 alumni networks

on 6 continents

$31 million in charitable gifts in 2017–2018

to support students, teaching, and research

$530 million raised during the most recent fundraising campaign

a new record for Université Laval

In February 2018, Entrepreneuriat Laval (EL) again solidified its position as a global leader among business incubators, earning a #2 ranking worldwide at the UBI Global World Incubation Summit. So far EL has helped turn more than 700 business ideas into reality.

In 2016, UL won the prestigious International Green Gown Award in 2016 for its commitment to sustainable development, finishing ahead of 215 other postsecondary educational institutions.

UL also takes pride in running one of the most effective student placement services in Canada for helping graduates entering the job market.


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