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Deferral of the admission application

If you are an international applicant who has received an offer of admission, but are unable to begin your studies in the semester you applied for due to delays in obtaining your legal documents, you may request a deferral of your application at no cost, subject to certain conditions.

Please note that a deferral request does not guarantee a place in the deferred semester. Your file will need to be re-examined. Allow a few weeks for a decision to be made.


You may be eligible for a no-cost deferral of your application if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have foreign student status
  • Be waiting for your legal documents (CAQ and study permit)
  • Have received an offer of admission for the semester in question
  • Not have already received a no-cost deferral for the semester in question (maximum of one no-cost deferral per paid admission application)

Important information

  • Only one program may be deferred, even if you have received multiple offers of admission for the semester in question.
  • You may not request a deferral for a limited enrolment or limited space program.
  • The deferral is only applicable to the following fall semester.


You must meet the deadline based on the semester for which you were originally applying.

Admission SemesterDeadline
WinterJanuary 31
SummerMay 31
FallSeptember 30

If you do not meet all the requirements, or if you wish to defer your application to the winter or summer semester, you must submit a new application and pay the applicable application fee.


In addition to the justification, the deferral request must include the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Student identification number (NI)
  • Semester for which you originally applied
  • Program you wish to defer

Your application must be sent by email before the deadline to the sector responsible for your file at the Registrar’s Office. You can also find this contact information in the offer of admission that was emailed to you.

Immigration procedures

Deferring your admission application is likely to affect the temporary immigration process you began for your CAQ and study permit applications.

Questions about admission?

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