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Applying online is the most efficient and fastest way to ensure your application is processed. If you are having difficulty accessing the online application, you can:

Important notice

The creation, submission and follow-up of the application for admission is now done in mon Portail, the digital study environment of Université Laval.

If you have submitted and paid for an admission application in Capsule, an email informing you of the procedure to connect to monPortail and follow up on your admission file has been sent to you.

Modify, complete your application for admission, or make a change in your program of study.

Check the application deadlines for the session in question.

Additional information related to your studies can be found in the Welcome to Université Laval guide.

Important notice for foreign applicants

Vigilance rules for scholarships and admissions Consult the recommendations issued by Université Laval to avoid becoming a victim of ill-intentioned individuals.

If you decide to begin a study program online from your home country, you will not necessarily need to follow immigration procedures. However, you must consider that the continuation of your studies on campus in Québec City is not guaranteed. To continue your study program in class on campus you will need to have your certificat d’acceptation du Québec [Québec acceptance certificate] and your study permit in order to be authorized to enter Canada.

Questions about admission?

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