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Admission to Université Laval is based primarily on academic excellence. To be accepted into a program, you must hold the minimum diploma required for the level of studies you are pursuing and demonstrate an adequate level of French proficiency.

If you do not meet one of these requirements, you may still be admitted into one of our programs, provided you agree to complete qualifying courses. If this is the case, you will be notified when you receive a response to your application.

Specific program requirements

Admission requirements vary from program to program. Above-average results or a graduate research director, among others, may be required.

View the official program descriptions to confirm your eligibility.

Limited enrolment and limited space programs

  • A program is considered to have limited enrolment when the number of admission applications received exceeds the number of available places.
  • A program is considered to have limited space when the number of admission applications received may exceed the number of available places. This is determined based on the staff and material required or on the availability of internships.

If you decide to apply for these types of programs, we recommend adding a second and third choice of program to your application and selecting them wisely to increase your chances of getting into Université Laval.

Qualifying courses

Once your application package has been assessed, you will be informed of whether you must take qualifying courses. These courses are personalized, related to your field of study, and allow you to:

  • Take the prerequisite courses for your program
  • Develop appropriate language skills for university studies by taking French courses at your proficiency level, if necessary
  • Acquire the level of knowledge necessary to succeed at university
  • Learn the tools and work methods necessary for university
  • Meet the minimum undergraduate admission requirements for holders of a pre-university diploma totalling 12 years of education (qualifying year)

The duration varies depending on the number of qualifying courses and level of language proficiency required by your program. View examples of qualifying course programs: administration stream, arts streammusic stream, science stream and humanities stream.

Limited enrolment programs

Admission subject to the completion of qualifying coursework is not permitted for most undergraduate programs that have limited enrolment or limited space.

If you hold a pre-university diploma totalling 12 years of education and wish to study in a limited enrolment program, you must first apply for admission to an unlimited enrolment program to complete the required qualifying year. Make sure to take all the prerequisite courses for your chosen limited enrolment program as part of your qualifying coursework.

Note: no qualifying coursework stream is offered for health sciences. Instead, check the list of prerequisite courses for health sciences.

Non-francophone applicants

Because most courses offered at Université Laval are in French, you must have an adequate knowledge of the language to attend ULaval. After applying, non-francophone applicants may be required to take the Test de connaissance du français (TCF) to assess their French proficiency level.

Based on your TCF results, you may be required to take French immersion courses in addition to your qualifying courses. If your results are below the minimum required, you will have to improve your French before beginning your qualifying courses. Université Laval offers a variety of French-language services for students.

*“Non-francophone” refers to someone who completed elementary and high school in a language other than French.

Other French tests

Although the TCF is the main proficiency test, DELF, TFI, and TEF test results from within the past two years may be accepted, provided they include a written expression component.

Communication of results

Results from the TCF, or another language test, must be sent to UL before your arrival by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).