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Applying with a IRCC secure account

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Step 1: Create or open your IRCC account  

  • Go to the IRCC homepage.
  • Click on “My application”. 
  • Click on “Sign in or create an IRCC account”.
  • If you already have an account, choose the right option to enter your account. 
  • Please note: IRCC is phasing in a new portal for online applications. Follow the instructions on IRCC website to find out which portal to use depending on the type of application you are submitting.

Create an IRCC account

If you do not have an IRCC account or if you lost your username and/or password, create an account: 

  • Click on “Register”. 
  • Follow the instructions to create an account.
  • Remember your username, password, and recovery-question answer for future use. 

You can not use someone else’s IRCC account to apply unless you have the appropriate authorization. 

Step 2: Submit your application 

  • Once you have started an online application, you will have 60 days to complete it. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions once you have logged into your IRCC account. 
  • Click on “Apply to come to Canada” under the “Start an application” section. You have to select this even if you are currently in Canada.  
  • If you checked your eligibility with the “Come to Canada” wizard, enter the personal reference code the tool provided. In most cases, you will not have this code. If you do not have this code, click on “Visitor visa, study and/or work permit” under “Determine your eligibility and apply online.” 
  • Answer the questions to determine whether you are eligible to apply. 
  • You will be directed to the “Your document checklist” page. This is the main page of your application.
  • Upload all the requested forms and documents here following the instructions presented below.  
  • Pay the fee and submit your application once you have uploaded all the documents. 
  • Within a few minutes or hours of submitting your application online, you will receive a confirmation of receipt for your application and a payment receipt for the fee in your IRCC account. Save these on your computer. The Registrar’s Office may ask you to provide them with this information as confirmation that you applied.  

Instructions to upload your forms and documents

  • Be sure to use the accepted file formats and sizes.  
  • For each requested document, you must provide a single file no larger than 4 MB.
  • If you are unable to open a form with your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you will need to download the PDF that will not open, save it to your computer, and then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (rather than opening it from your web browser).
  • Before uploading your form, you must validate it; this will create barcodes. After your form is validated, save it. If the “Validate” button does not create barcodes, use another computer. This is a common problem with Apple products.  
  • You should NOT sign the application form. Forms that need to be validated with a barcode do not need to be signed. All other forms have to be printed, signed, and scanned before being uploaded. 
  • If you need more space to answer the questions in a section, print and complete the appropriate page or section, scan it, and include the page with your application by uploading it to the “Optional Documents” section as “Client Information.” 
  • Any document that is not in English or French must be accompanied by an official translation.   
The Immigration section of this website is intended to provide general information on current procedures, which may change at any time without notice. The laws and regulations in force in Québec and Canada, as well as the websites of Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration [Québec’s ministry of immigration, francisation, and integration] (MIFI) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), take precedence over this page.

Dernière mise à jour: 2023-12-19