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Develop future-ready professional skills
Develop future-ready professional skills

Adapt Your Research Skills to the Work World

Enhance your integration into dynamic, interconnected, interdisciplinary, and multicultural work environments by acquiring key skills in adaptability, management, collaboration, and communication.

Adaptez vos compétences en recherche au monde du travail


This Nanoprogramme, supported by experts, aims to boost your professional development by acquiring skills sought after by companies, organizations and communities. These skills, complementary to those already achieved in your training, will make you highly attractive professionally. Through an active pedagogical approach, this Nanoprogramme will be in phase with the professional, societal, and economic realities that characterize today’s work world. You will experience a collaborative and innovative approach in a dynamic and engaged learning community throughout the program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate information efficiently, responsibly and collaboratively, both orally and in writing
  • Plan and manage continuous improvement projects
  • Establish and maintain positive, constructive and sustainable relationships to achieve common goals
    Modify your behaviours and attitudes with the flexibility to deal with change, complex unforeseen, and difficult situations
  • Use an individual development plan (IDP) in training and work life to regularly review your knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills, and learning and becoming skills

Transfer to Your Professional Environment

In this Nanoprogramme, you will be asked to elaborate on your individual development plan (IDP) to recognize, combine and mobilize your practical knowledge and capacity to improve your employability and attain your professional goals. This Individual Development Plan represents an effort of 30 hours and will be evaluated. The individualized support of an expert advisor will support you.

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135 hours


Target Audience

This Nanoprogramme is intended for students or graduates of a graduate program (master's, doctorate, postdoctoral fellows), individuals currently studying, or those who have completed their education. The Nanoprogramme is also open to employed individuals who wish to acquire essential future skills.