BIPER’s mission is to promote, organize, and support provincial, national, and international research partnerships at Université Laval, including initiatives involving affiliated research centres and hospitals, for the benefit of the university community, the Québec City area, and society as a whole.



BIPER’s mandate is to help faculties and individual researchers develop or renew research partnerships in Québec, Canada, and internationally. Partnerships may take various forms, including joint research and innovation chairs, teaching leadership chairs (CLEs), Networks of Centres of Excellence, research institutes, and consortia.

Overseen by the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation, BIPER exercises its mandate in accordance with Université Laval policies, regulations, and objectives. Our services are offered primarily to the university’s research and innovation community. Partners and other interested organisations can also call on us for assistance in developing collaborative projects.

  • Supporting Solid Projects that get Results

    BIPER plays a key role implementing Université Laval’s Research Development Plan, which aligns the university’s strategic investments with institutional and faculty priorities as well as the strategic development priorities and initiatives of the regional government agencies we work with. BIPER also aims to enhance faculty collaboration with major development and grant agencies, both in Québec and the rest of Canada, as well as internationally. BIPER strives to mobilize a proactive university research community and multiply partnerships and collaborations in research, innovation, and teaching, notably through research chairs. BIPER administers the program for the advancement of innovation, research, and education (PAIRE) which aims at creating 100 research and innovation chairs and 50 teaching leadership chairs (CLEs) endowed with a mix of public and private funds.

  • Attracting Lead Professors and Researchers

    BIPER works closely with the Research and Innovation Office (BRC) and the Community-University Liaison Office (BLUM) to help foster and maintain research and innovation excellence at Université Laval. A crucial facet of this mission is attracting, retaining, and offering professional development opportunities to highly qualified faculty, students, and staff. BIPER works with faculties to offer researchers valuable assistance in strategically positioning their research and innovation endeavours.

  • Fostering Strategic Links Locally, Nationally, Internationally

    The BIPER team has the expertise to proactively help faculties and research professors so that they can take advantage of key funding opportunities (programs, competitions, agreements, etc.). This in turn builds stronger networks and more diverse partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally. BIPER is also available to help faculties and individual researchers negotiate partnership agreements, including funding for joint chairs. BIPER works with BLUM to help faculty members prepare applications for the creation, assessment, and renewal of research and innovation chairs, teaching leadership chairs, and alliances such as institutes, Networks of Centres of Excellence, and consortia.

All BIPER's strategic actions and operations are designed to create a university climate where research and innovation thrive. This approach has spawned partnerships of all shapes and sizes with private, public, and parapublic organizations in Québec and internationally. 





Marie-Hélène Girard
Research Development Advisor