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Campus environment

Université Laval’s campus environment is a stimulating place to experiment and develop innovative sustainability solutions. The university community uses the campus as a testing ground for projects designed to benefit society as a whole.

Areas of focus

In each of our areas of focus, we draw on a shared vision to identify sectors where innovative and ambitious sustainable development practices should be implemented. Our goal is to develop bold action plans for each area and maximize the benefits for the campus, our environment, and our community. These action plans are created with input from ULaval’s sustainable development advisory committees.


Sustainable campus initiatives

Numerous sustainability initiatives spearheaded by members of our university community make SD part of everyday life on campus. You can explore some of them here for inspiration. Maybe you have an initiative of your own that you’d like to introduce to campus!

Environmentally responsible events

Did you know that the University has created an in-house certification program to encourage environmentally responsible events on campus?

SD Funds

Want to get actively involved in sustainable development? Need a financial helping hand with an innovative and doable idea? Tell us about your project!