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Consultations on sustainable development

Université Laval held a series of consultations on the theme of sustainable development with the university community and local stakeholders with the aim of reflecting constructively and planning for the years ahead.

Main ideas and comments

Act boldly and consistently

Given the urgent need for action and meaningful change, Université Laval needs a bold and coherent sustainable development strategy. It must pursue ambitious, real-life SD goals through interdisciplinary approaches and innovative practices stemming from its teaching and research expertise.

Contribute to the common good

From a social responsibility standpoint, the common good should be a central principle of sustainable development at the University, one that guides the institution to coherent and meaningful action.

Build community engagement

Community engagement is seen as the main driver of sustainable development at the University. It should result in the increased and ongoing mobilization of community members in support of a common vision. It is in this way that the community will make a significant contribution to the advancement of society.

Promote healthy and vibrant living environments

Attractive and vibrant living environments that contribute to sustainable individual and environmental health help enhance quality of life in the University community. They encourage experimentation and the emergence of bold interdisciplinary initiatives that are beneficial to the broader community as well.

Be more open and transparent

The University needs to be more open and transparent in its sustainable development initiatives if it is to remain responsive to evolving practices and foster stronger engagement on the part of the university community.

Provide inspirational and supportive leadership

Université Laval’s leadership in sustainable development must be reflected in coherent and bold actions that establish it as a model and inspiration for the broader community. This leadership should also be expressed in the form of sustainable partnerships that make the University a benchmark and a true agent of change in society.

Increase collaboration with the community

To contribute more to societal issues, foster dialogue, and promote the transfer of expertise and knowledge from members of the university community to society at large, the University needs to partner more closely with the community by promoting interdisciplinarity and encouraging experiments with innovative SD practices.

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