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Sustainable mobility

Université Laval is working to foster conditions conducive to sustainable mobility and has a basket of measures in place to encourage alternatives to single car use.

Abri de vélos en hiver

Sustainable mobility measures

Sustainable mobility means much more than the transportation choices that community members make to get to campus. That’s why Université Laval is working with everyone to implement sustainability initiatives for the campus environment and come up with effective and practical alternatives.

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Solutions for all

Sustainable alternatives

Walk, bike, take public transit, or carpool to reduce your ecological footprint and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions

Voluntary offset program

If you use your car to come to the University, take advantage of the voluntary compensation program when you buy your parking sticker. Funds generated are used to plant trees in a designated area in the Montmorency Forest.

Employee support program

Université Laval has assistance programs to promote sustainable transportation for its employees. Thanks to Abonne BUS, you could get a discount on your public transit pass. In addition, if you regularly use sustainable transportation, you may be eligible for the Guaranteed Return Program and reduced daily parking costs when necessary.

Coop Roue-Libre

Join Coop Roue-Libre and learn how to maintain and repair your bike. Coop Roue-Libre offers parts purchasing, repair, and training services of all kinds to the general community.

Public transit for all

The university student pass (LPU) is one of Université Laval’s flagship sustainable mobility initiatives. The product of a University–student collaboration, it provides unlimited access to RTC and STL public transit to all full-time students at Université Laval. In the fall of 2019, nearly 1.7 million trips were taken by LPU riders.

Arrêt d'autobus

A sustainable community first and foremost

A campus on two wheels

As part of its efforts to reduce automobile use and encourage alternative transportation, Université Laval offers nearly 2,440 bicycle spaces as well as 64 low-cost self-service bicycles. The University has also built nearly 8 km of well-maintained campus bike paths to make life more enjoyable for campus cyclists.

Abonne BUS (employee bus pass)

ULaval students aren’t the only ones to benefit from a transit pass. There is also a bus pass for University employees. In 2018–2019, no fewer than 350 employees took advantage of the Abonne BUS pass.


The University has been reconfiguring its parking lots over the past few years to encourage the community to adopt new means of transportation. Since 2012–2013, nearly 300 parking spots have been converted into community spaces. Parking sticker sales are also down 11%, thanks to everyone’s efforts.

Responsible automobile use

Not everyone can do without a car, but community members have adapted their habits. In 2018–2019, 1,364 people purchased GHG offset parking stickers.

Université Laval has also partnered with Hydro-Québec’s Circuit électrique to provide charging stations for electric cars on campus. Currently, there are 10 charging stations available on campus.



Sharing the road

Since 2016, Université Laval has proudly held gold level VELOSYMPATHIC certification for its bike-friendly infrastructure, the only Québec university to do so.

Certification velosympathique