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Community Report Université Laval 2017 2018

Community Report

Université Laval





Human Perspectives

Community Report Université Laval 2017 2018

One of Université Laval's 1,600 professors



Sylvain Moineau is the microbiologist behind a discovery that brought about a worldwide revolution in how genomes can be edited and studied, thus opening up those fundamental compendia of life. He's a trailblazer in biotech, on the list of the “World's Most Influential Scientific Minds” for the fourth year in a row, and a recipient of the John C. Polanyi Award for research.

«The Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Science and Engineering has excellent programs, which is why we're able to recruit top-notch graduates students for our research projects.»

Community Report Université Laval 2017 2018

One of the Université Laval's 43,000 student members


Brais Sioui

Gregory Brais Sioui has a master's degree from Université Laval's School of Architecture and represented the Huron-Wendat Nation on behalf of Canada at the Venice Biennale, the world's biggest architectural event.

«With the financial support I obtained from Université Laval and other sources, I had the opportunity to travel to Venice in September and represent my nation, the Huron-Wendat, before an international audience at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale.»

Community Report Université Laval 2017 2018

One of the thousands of transdisciplinary research leaders at Université Laval



Caroline Ménard is a professor at the Sentinel North project known for a series of breakthroughs in the study of chronic stress, which drew on photonics, neurobiology, behavioural studies, and northern research.

«Université Laval provides a stimulating environment for training the highly skilled personnel I need for my multidisciplinary research program on the interactions between complex systems: the brain, the neurovascular system, the immune system, and the intestinal microbiota.»

Community Report Université Laval 2017 2018

One of 10,000 staff members at the heart of university life



Marie-Claude Bédard is one of two coordinators responsible for Université Laval's suicide prevention committee, which was honoured as the leading suicide prevention organization in Québec in 2017–2018.

«This award makes us even prouder of the role we play in maintaining a safety net for our university community and further strengthens our resolve to help prevent psychological distress among students.»

Sophie D'Amours


Pride that Inspires

It was a banner year for the vibrant, dynamic, and innovative Université Laval community in 2017–2018. Students, researchers, and staff cut a swath through the academic world both in education and research, adding lustre to the university's name and setting it truly apart. Their courage and determination made the university more attractive and more in step with the times. They are an inspiration and source of pride. Here are some of their stories.


ULaval's One-of-a-Kind Facilities

$83.5 million

The budget for the building to house the Institut nordique du Québec, focal point for the province's leading lights in research on the North.

$2 million

Budget for the new multidisciplinary sports clinic, five times the size of its predecessor and the new Canadian standard in sports medicine.

$21.5 million

The Big Data Research Centre, a major data processing hub, houses the latest next-generation technology.


The projects, internships, simulations, and explorations going on at Université Laval compose a distinctive ecosystem of education, research, and work, anchored in its community and wired into the global system. Consider these amazing human and digital creations attesting to the unforgettable experience of the university community.

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Future Student Centre

The Future Student Centre is a fresh, welcoming, and energizing space designed for the coming crop of students arriving from CEGEP or the workforce. It has a complete resource centre, private meeting rooms, a multimedia room, kids corner, digital admission desks, and a comfortable waiting room.

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2 / 7

28,000 Square Feet for Science

The sciences get a boost with 28,000 square feet of new lab space for hands-on learning, including a number of programs available nowhere else in Canada. It's a thorough upgrade that gives 800 engineering and science students the benefit of state-of-the-art lab facilities at the Alexandre Vachon Building. They're designed for the next generation of researchers with high-tech equipment and a setup that promotes collaboration and the acquisition of cross-curricular skills.

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3 / 7

Moot Court's Bleeding Edge

Mastering the law and the courtroom live and in person—the new moot court law teaching lab has videoconferencing and document cameras as well as video and audio recording. The room is among the best equipped on campus and can go fully paperless, giving future law students a great introduction to digital justice issues and preparing them for a role in Québec's digital justice revolution.

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4 / 7

Opera in a Historic Setting

The voices of opera students filled the historic ballroom of the Le Château Frontenac this past March. Trained by leading musicians, singers from the university's Atelier d'Opéra dazzled the audience in Emmanuel Chabrier's L'Étoile—a beautiful, operatic contribution to the iconic hotel's 125th anniversary.

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5 / 7

Astronomy 40 km Up

Physics professor Simon Thibault aims high when he teaches astronomy. Thanks to a partnership between the Canadian Space Agency and the French National Centre for Space Studies, he has groups of students test astronomical instruments at an altitude of 40 km on platform carried aloft by stratospheric balloon.

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6 / 7

A Safe, Respectful Campus

Université Laval is providing more resources for victims, more guidelines for university activities, and more preventative action throughout the community. Dozens of workers are being mobilized to roll out the university's new anti–sexual violence policy. It's a big step towards a safe, respectful on-campus environment.

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7 / 7

Living Laboratories Serving the Community

A truly multidisciplinary initiative: chefs, consumers, product development experts, nutritionists, and entrepreneurs all brought together by the Nutrition and Functional Foods Institute, creating living laboratories to spark new business ideas for the benefit of the entire community.

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Members of the university community respond powerfully to the important challenges faced by society and the world. With new ideas. In solidarity. With courage and sincere, sustained commitment. Their stories speak volumes about their civic and community engagement. They are Université Laval's ambassadors.

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180 Seconds to Say It All

The talk Damien Mathis delivered in September 2017 was gripping—inspiring enough for second spot on the podium at the international final of the 180 Second Thesis competition in the Belgian city of Liège. Damien's accomplishment is the natural outgrowth of his passion for making science accessible and talking to people. As a Université Laval international ambassador, he shares his scientific knowledge in talks, videos, and with people he meets.

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2 / 7

Fashion for a Better World

PharmAIDE is a committee of students who want a better world, both overseas and right next door. Their PharmAIDE Fashion Show brings together volunteers, partners, the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the public in a fundraiser to support Pharmacists without Borders Canada's work in Haiti and Benin.

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3 / 7

Better Access to Dental Care

Students in the Doctorate of Dental Medicine program used physical activity to raise dental hygiene awareness among children and teens with conditions such as ASD or Down syndrome. They then all headed to clinic for a free dental checkup from the dentists-in-training, an initiative designed to further broaden access to dental care.

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4 / 7

ULaval Experts Next Door to the G7

International Studies director Louis Bélanger brought together 30 experts from the G7 member countries to prepare for the G7 summit in Charlevoix with a summit of their own, under the name Think7. They brought science and hard data to bear on the big global issues, drafting a declaration with numerous recommendations relating to human development, digital and data security, progressive trade, sustainable growth, and fairer tax systems.

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5 / 7

From Wellness to Quality Care

Michel Sarrazin Palliative Care Home and the Faculty of Nursing have partnered on a new workplace wellness program. An essential aspect of training caregivers who are healthy, motivated, and able to provide quality end-of-life care to Québec's aging population.

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6 / 7

Protecting Northern Caribou

Institut nordique du Québec and Caribou Ungava's online interactive map shows interactions between mining development, caribou herd migration, and land use by Indigenous communities in Québec's North. It's a great new way for mining companies and government to see the effects of development projects on northern ecosystems and communities and will contribute to the production of better impact assessments.

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7 / 7

Entrepreneur Bearing Breakthrough Bacteriocin

Master's student Laurent Dallaire is the founder of Innodal Laboratories to produce the first-ever bacteriocin approved by Health Canada for listeria prevention in food. He followed up on that success story with another preservative for the food industry, a patent, and a sackful of partnership and technology awards. A stream of new ways to enhance food safety all over Canada.

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Université Laval is an effective, modern, networked institution pursuing excellence in all facets of its mission. Top talent is set free to live its dreams and leaders groomed to make a difference in society. Here are some of our brightest stars in teaching and research.

1 / 9

The New All-digital Le Fil

Université Laval's weekly Le Fil has served the university community since 1965. In September 2018 it went digital. The new business model responds to a shift in the way people get their news while also furthering the university's sustainability goals. News from the university, now updated in real time, serves as the flagship for ULaval Nouvelles, an all-new online information platform.

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2 / 9

Long-Term Help for Major-Burn Victims

A revolutionary therapy for major burns was developed by researchers, including ULaval professor Lucie Germain, at the Experimental Organogenesis Research Centre. The new skin grafts use stem cells and deliver better long-term results for patients. The Centre team is treating more major burn victims every day with this new skin, turning medical advances into new hope for many patients.

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3 / 9

Fighting the Unequal Status of Indigenous Peoples

Gérard Duhaime has devoted his career to improving the lives of Indigenous people in the North. His research has shown how to formulate public policies that could reduce inequality and help Indigenous communities take charge of their own destinies. His work has received much high-level recognition, including being made Member of the Order of Canada in 2018.

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4 / 9

World Champions in Business Administration

Andreea Milasan, Lucie Lahaye, and François-Olivier Côté scored big at the Global Business Challenge in Brisbane, Australia, in 2018. The team of MBA students pitched a platform to break down silos between municipal programs and a system of incentives for municipal residents who take part in energy-saving and sustainability programs.

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5 / 9

School Success Under the Microscope

Université Laval's Research Laboratory on Social Relationships, Motivation, Success, and Persistence in School is the only facility of its kind in Canada, examining the behaviour of children, teens, and parents in fine detail. It's a key resource for campus research teams that's also open to the student community and international collaborations—a state-of-the-art centre in our search to understand the relationships between kids and the pivotal figures who influence their educational paths.

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6 / 9

Leadership and Innovation in Optics and Photonics

First off, Sophie Larochelle, Younès Messaddeq, and Leslie Rusch developed a new and more powerful generation of fibre-optics at the Centre for Optics, Photonics, and Lasers. Then, working under the auspices of the CERVO Brain Research Centre, Yves De Koninck, Daniel Côté, Benoît Gosselin, Younès Messaddeq, Michel Piché, and Réal Vallée received the Brockhouse Award for their microscopic probe designed to observe brain responses. The breakthroughs both built on Université Laval's status as a leader in optics and photonics.

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7 / 9

A Compass That Helps Voters Find Their Way

Vote Compass from Vox Pop Labs has been catalyzing civic engagement around the world by showing how public opinion lines up with the positions of political parties. Political science professor Yannick Dufresne is advisor to Vox Pop alongside his work on the political use of social media in the age of big data, once again combining the social sciences, politics, and the evolution of the electorate.

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8 / 9

Joining Forces to Beat the Labour Shortage

The Capitale-Nationale Regional Higher Education Hub brings together 19 education, health, and business partners to find solutions to the current shortage of skills and workers. The group's work attracting, developing, and retaining top local and international talent will bring big payoffs all through the Québec City area.

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9 / 9

School Architecture So Everyone Can Succeed

Schola is Québec's platform for expertise in school architecture. Its mission is to support, guide, and produce documentation for the renovation and modernization of the province's elementary and secondary schools. This involves everything from conducting wide-ranging studies to providing online aids for decision making, all in the interest of giving learners and other education actors school environments conducive to academic success and well-being.

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A World of Services at ULaval

The Library: Knowledge without Borders

A lively study and research community—the library is a living space managed by a team of professionals currently implementing a new, shared, interuniversity service platform.

Education that's geared toward lifelong learning

A constantly evolving curriculum of 1,000 distance learning courses and flexible training options, including university certifications adapted to the real-world needs of business analysts and project managers.

An Inclusive Teaching Approach

ULaval's flexible teaching approach respects student diversity and the needs of students with disabilities. Courses have been rethought and methods of teaching, learning, and evaluation expanded—without comprising on standards.


The best in the world. Personal favourites. They are the ones who inspire us, who fire our imaginations. Established leaders or rising stars, they make us proud to be part of Université Laval's world-wide community.

Pauline Marois
Ricardo Larrivée
Brigitte Coutu

Pauline Marois, Ricardo Larrivée and Brigitte Coutu

From the province's very first woman premier to Canada's most influential couple in the area of food and cooking in their generation—get to know the people who've received honorary doctorates from Université Laval, the university's highest honour.

Christian Landry

Christian Landry

Evolution Revolutionary

Christian Landry's work landed on Québec Science magazine's list of Discoveries of the Year after he forced the global scientific community to take another look at the role of duplicate genes in species evolution. The breakthrough in fundamental research cast doubt on the dominant model in biology, boldly contradicting beliefs about mutational robustness and fragility through time.

Jean-Pierre Gregoire

Jean-Pierre Grégoire

Not Just Any Pharmacist

Jean-Pierre Grégoire was the 2018 recipient of the Louis Hébert Award, the Québec Pharmacists Guild's highest honour, recognizing his decades-long career as pharmacist, professor, dean of Pharmacy, and chair of the Guild.

Marie-Elise Samson

Marie-Élise Samson

For Sustainable Agriculture

Marie-Élise Samson is a doctoral candidate in plant biology involved in sustainable agriculture research and awareness. She was awarded a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Laure Waridel Bursary from Équiterre.

Pierre Cauchon

Pierre Cauchon

The Love of Teaching

Pierre Cauchon took home an Award of Excellence in teaching for his work as a lecturer in economics. He's the type who always has an ear out—listening to the wide range of students that attend his classes. His versatility and ability to make complex ideas understandable garner rave reviews as an example of what Université Laval's teaching staff can do.

Vanessa Tremblay

Vanessa Tremblay

Proud Graduate

Vanessa Tremblay hails from the Charlevoix town of Clermont. She was the 300,000th person to receive a degree from Université Laval—a symbol of the pride of ULaval alumni world-wide.

Fabiola Forteza

Fabiola Forteza

Elite Student Athlete

Fabiola Forteza is a proud member of the Rouge et Or Rugby team and was selected as one of the year's Top 8 Academic All-Canadians. On average, just under 40% of all Rouge et Or athletes appear on the U Sports and RSEQ academic honour roll.


Victoria Than

Victoria Thân

Philanthropist of the Future

Victoria Thân was named young philanthropist of the year at Fondation de l'Université Laval's 2018 Ceremony of the Remarkables. She's a member of the Foundation's Student Squad and the Enactus social entrepreneurship club, vice president of the Université Laval Young Philanthropists, and a seasoned volunteer.

Eric Dupont

Éric Dupont

Inspiring Generosity

Éric Dupont is president and chair of the board of Immanence Integral Dermo-Correction and the first to join the Major Campaign as one of the One Hundred Associates—leaving a bequest of$1 million or more in his will.

…to Humanity


An Incredible International Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Future students with a passion for entrepreneurial values will have the opportunity for a supplementary placement at Université Laval's new partner, Babson College in Boston, a global powerhouse in entrepreneurship.


Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté's Tero: Composting Made Easy

Support from business accelerator and incubator Entrepreneurship Laval helped Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté invent Tero, a soon-to-be-released composter that turns organic waste into plant and garden fertilizer with none of the hassles.

Some benchmarks


Diplomas and certificates awarded

Université Laval is among Canada's leading universities in terms of the number of diplomas and certificates awarded. More than 80% of undergraduate students earn a diploma, for the fourth highest graduation rate in the country.

40%30%20%50%2012201320142015201640,1%29,5%43,5%31,0%Université LavalU15 average44,0%31,7%46,9%32,2%43,6%33,6%

Cross-sector, collaborative publications

Université Laval has one of the highest cross-sector research publication rates among universities in the U15 (Canada's major research universities). Our researchers achieve excellence in collaboration with the private, hospital, and government sectors.

2009-20102013-20142011-20122015-20162017-201812%6%0%18%International students Regular programInternational students Incoming mobilityOutgoing mobility

Student body with international experience

Université Laval welcomed 21% of Québec students awarded scholarships under the program for international mobility and short stays outside Québec, despite a student population representing only 14% of the total Québec university network.


Proportion of remote or hybrid student credits

While maintaining predominantly classroom-based education activities on campus, nearly a quarter of Université Laval's student credits were awarded in a “flexible format,” either remotely or in hybrid mode.

1,51,00,50,02,0200020102013- 20142014- 20152015-20162016-2017Total GHG emissions in grams CO2/m2/TOENet GHG emissions in grams CO2/m2/TOE

Greenhouse gas reduction

The first voluntarily carbon neutral university in Canada, Université Laval is known as a model living environment. The 2016 renewal of the university's gold rating under the STARS program demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development.

Undergraduate Graduate02040608085,680,185,091,9100Université LavalAverage rating among Canadian universities

Student satisfaction rating

Two North American surveys confirm that students' overall satisfaction with the education offered at Université Laval is higher than average among students at Canadian universities.

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Community Report Université Laval 2017 2018

Gathering Force


We at Université Laval have a bold strategic plan to ensure we continue to excel and meet the needs of society for generations to come. The university community has answered the call with enthusiasm. Its stories and achievements inspire and motivate us all. That relationship with the community in the coming years will give us at the university the opportunity to demonstrate all the talent and wisdom we have to give. It's also our way of saying thank you.


Financial Statements

As a modern, transparent institution, Université Laval makes its financial statements accessible to the entire university community.

800 M$600 M$400 M$200 M$1,000 M$2017-20182016-20172015- 20162014- 20152013-2014IncomeExpenses

Historical results

In recent years, the correlation between disposable income and expenses incurred has been maintained.

2013-20142014-20152015-20162017-20182016-2017$ 80 M$ 40 M$ 20 M$ 120 MReal estatestockInformationtechnologyVolumes and collectionsFurniture andequipment

Historical investments

The proportion of investments in information technology and infrastructure has increased in recent years.

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