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Rapport à la communauté université laval 2018 2019

Community Report

Université Laval





Université Laval

Human perspectives

Charlaine Bouchard

One of our 1,650 professors



Forward-thinking notary

Seasoned educator, pioneer in the study of blockchain technology in the legal field, and legal expert helping to digitally transform the notary profession

«I’ve always felt l belong at Université Laval. The school gives me a tremendous sense of pride. It’s where I came into my own as a professor and researcher and where I found an opportunity to dig deeper, explore further, and push boundaries. It’s my happy place!»

Sonia Racine

One of our 9,500 staff members



Admin assistant extraordinaire

Instigator of a study that resulted in academic lectures and short programs designed to meet the needs of working adults

«Université Laval’s management philosophy is based on collaboration and innovation. That’s how I was able to use my skills to create a groundbreaking project. Now my greatest wish is for this exciting venture to help promote Université Laval far and wide.»

Denis Leclerc

One of our thousands of top researchers



Dedicated professor

Infectious disease specialist who took a viral particle from a papaya to develop a COVID-19 vaccine that’s easier to store in tropical countries

«For me, Université Laval is ground zero for the discussions and teamwork that have inspired my ideas and creativity, helped me share my passion, and awakened my curiosity. It’s a very special place.»

Jonathan Audet et Félix Lapointe

Two of our 55 032 students



Audacious entrepreneurs

Mechanical engineering students and co-founders of Ferreol, a company that sells eco-friendly off-piste skis made from materials sourced in Québec

«Université Laval was the launchpad for developing our expertise in engineering and entrepreneurship. We had everything we needed to get our innovative and environmentally sound business off the ground while we were still students. Without the support of Université Laval, Ferreol would still be at the idea stage!»

Jimena ruiz aragon

One of our 326 000 graduates



Inspirational leader

Industrial relations graduate, community activist, and union representative fighting injustice and gender inequality

«Université Laval is where I took my first steps in social activism. Every day I use the broad set of skills I developed during my program to fight for the rights of the working class and drive social change.»

Michel Dubé

One of our 20 012 donors



Philanthropist and humanitarian

Founder of the Francine-Ouellet Fund to support research on domestic abuse and violence against women and provide services for victims

«Université Laval, a defining institution in my journey. I met and married my wife there. Our two children and their spouses also received their degrees there. The creation of the Francine-Ouellet Fund pays tribute to my late wife's brilliant career in social work, which was interrupted by cancer, while supporting her field of research: family and woman abuse.»

Word from the Rector

Agile, caring, and creative

In 2020–2021, our university community has shone, overcoming the obstacles of isolation and working as a team. We’re moving forward on the wave of collective and individual achievements, and I couldn’t be more proud. Although physically apart, we’ve stuck together. Thank you to all those who study, teach, work, lead research projects, give of their time, or support the Université Laval mission. Your agility will help us find solutions for the future, together.


Only at ULaval

The Arctic Council moves in

Université Laval has been chosen to house the new permanent offices of the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group. The move is a nod to UL’s expertise in northern research.

Initiatives for the Future are heating up

Think outside the box and tackle urgent and complex issues facing our society. That’s the mission of Initiatives for the Future, a program offering three customizable master’s programs in burgeoning fields.

Healthy minds for a healthy campus

The ESSAIM project has brought together the first university cohort in Québec to research sustainable health. Leveraging of digital data is being used to support the well-being of a big community.


Projects, internships, simulations, and explorations: Université Laval offers a unique work, research, and study ecosystem with strong community ties and an international focus. Below are some of the remarkable human and innovative achievements that reflect the vital significance of our University community.

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Art as a coping mechanism

At the height of the crisis, large numbers of students volunteered to lend a hand in the health system, including in centres for the elderly. At the end of these optional internships, they created works of art to express their feelings and document their unique and heartrending experiences.

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Gaining more exposure

The first university in Québec to hold the final of the popular Three Minute Thesis competition virtually on both Zoom and YouTube in 2020. Using both platforms allowed PhD students to interact with the general public and gain visibility for themselves and for the simplified versions of their research projects.

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3 / 8

Combatting loneliness on campus

Pet therapy, trips to the skating rink, pop-up coffee shops, light therapy—some 4,800 people have taken part in some 155 activities to support well-being and a balanced lifestyle for on-campus residents. Kudos to the recreation assistant and social services intern for giving students that warm and fuzzy feeling of companionship.

See the Résidences Ulaval Facebook page
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Internships ASAP

At a time when internships were hard to find, a federal grant allowed the university to hire 655 students from a variety of programs to help pivot from classroom to virtual learning. The work was done in a hurry, and the students gained valuable experience in the midst of the pandemic to bolster their résumés.

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5 / 8

Fulfilling a need for spirituality

Nearly 40 continuing education modules on spirituality and religion have attracted 550 participants. This affordable online option has helped many people find a missing sense of connection and inspired important conversations on the meaning of life for individuals and society during the pandemic.

Browse continuing education courses
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6 / 8

Podcast on a human scale

The Human Factor podcast series takes listeners behind the scenes of research and innovation in a university setting. Members of the UL community explain discourse and writing, art history, research and innovation, and other topics with a human factor and tell listeners how research in the arts and human sciences is making a difference.

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7 / 8

Inspired by Apollo 13

After they were forced to cancel in-the-field simulations during the crisis, pharmacy instructors found inspiration in the Apollo 13 space mission to create a new theoretical prerequisite course on skills for coping with a crisis. The new tool gives students an alternative way to learn and prevents them from falling behind.

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8 / 8

Studying soil with Minecraft

How can you adapt a forest ecology course, normally held outdoors, for distance learning? A team of determined instructors came up with the idea of using the multiplayer video game, Minecraft. Now students have a fun and interactive tool to help them learn all about soil composition in Québec.

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Members of the UL community are deeply committed to the big issues facing society and the world. Through innovation. Through a courageous approach that is sincere, sustainable, and community-focused. Read on for remarkable examples of what Université Laval’s dedicated and hard-working ambassadors are doing for the benefit of the community at large.

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Musical COVID shots

Université Laval wanted to give people a more pleasant experience when they came in for their COVID-19 vaccination. The solution? Music to soothe the mind! Judging from feedback and the buzz on social media, the initiative was a huge hit. Around 30 music students were able to perform in front of an audience again, and their talent brought comfort to people getting the shot.

Listen to a performance
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Northern Campus gets people moving

The exciting Northern Campus initiative got some 15,815 members of the university community and Québec City residents moving this winter. With cross-country ski trails, an ice rink, and hiking and snowshoe trails, the project helped people prioritize their physical and mental health and caught the attention of the entire province.

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3 / 8

Virus-free snow geese

In spring 2020 researchers quickly set to work checking that there were no signs of the COVID-19 virus in snow geese. With reassurance from the experts, Indigenous partners and residents of coastal regions were able to continue hunting snow geese for consumption. A perfect example of how scientific leadership supports food safety.

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4 / 8

Les Vulgaires fight misinformation

Moïra Dion and Alicia Durocher turned to influencers to set the scientific record straight on the pandemic and vaccinations. The microbiology students have logged more than 10,000 views on their YouTube channel Les Vulgaires, which aims to stamp out misinformation on social media, including YouTube itself.

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5 / 8

Getting to know First Peoples

As part of the “New Insights” series, the lecture on First Peoples fuelled an important conversation on how we can live together. Behind the initiative—and the 11 prerequisite videos about all peoples living in Québec—is a critical partnership between stakeholders who want to build a brighter future.

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6 / 8

From lab to field

Plant biology students Geneviève Arsenault-Labrecque and Chloé Dussault-Benoît have their boots on the ground. They left the research lab behind to launch AYOS diagnostic, a business that helps soy producers fight crop pests. Backed by a campaign for scientific and innovative entrepreneurship, their company is thriving.

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7 / 8

Screening for parental neglect

A new training course has been launched to help child protection workers and the general public more easily identify cases of parental neglect. There has been plenty of interest in the online course, which aims to introduce changes that will keep children safe at a time when the public system is stretched to its limits.

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8 / 8

We all need a parachute

The Parachute initiative provides mental and physical health resources tailored to the specific needs of young business owners. The brainchild of a unique coalition of more than 14 organizations, Parachute supports the well-being of entrepreneurs who are just starting out and helps empower them as leaders.

Visit the website
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Efficient, modern, and network driven, Université Laval pursues excellence in all aspects of its mission. We invite top talents to pursue their passion and encourage leaders to leave their mark on society. Get to know some of our brightest stars in research and education.

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Learning must go on

Our instructional and technical support teams have been incredible. They worked behind the scenes to keep thousands of remote classes running smoothly. They quickly stepped up to fix pesky technical issues and facilitate the switch to online learning. More than 11,000 people took the 200 academic support sessions offered. An unprecedented success!

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A record number of academic awards

A record-breaking 256 Rouge et Or athletes finished the 2019–2020 year with an 80% or higher course average. Their achievement puts UL athletes top of the podium among Québec universities. Half of all Rouge et Or athletes earned academic accolades while competing in their respective sports.

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3 / 8

Students step up for safe dentistry

After university dental clinics suddenly closed, thousand of patients decided to trust their teeth once again to student dentists when things opened back up. Space between stations, a new ventilation system, and strict hygiene measures made everyone feel safe.

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Two state-of-the-art labs on Baffin Island

Professors Gilles Gauthier and Marcel Babin have been awarded a $17.5 million grant to build two northern research stations on Baffin Island. Featuring state-of-the-art laboratories, the stations will allow researchers to study a wide range of arctic ecosystems on land and in the ocean, in partnership with local communities.

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5 / 8

Synergy and teamwork

Members of the COVID-19 coordination unit worked in synergy to successful coordinate communications and operations, with input from co-workers. The team put up posters, handed out masks and hand sanitizer, and installed 24,000 sq. ft. of plexiglass partitions to keep things up and running on campus, with no outbreaks reported.

See the COVID-19 section
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6 / 8

The Leaders Circle takes off

Lucien Bouchard, Sophie Brochu, Robert Lepage, Christiane Germain, Bernard Voyer, and Joanne Liu came together to launch the Université Laval Leaders Circle. The outstanding achievements of these renowned Quebecers are an inspiration to the entire university community, and the annual Leaders Circle workshops will help produce the leaders of tomorrow.

Read the article about the first forum
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7 / 8

Sofia: Opening the door to knowledge

Library staff have completed the installation of Sofia, a new search tool opening the door to more than 20 million documents at 18 Québec university libraries. The next-generation tool took several years to develop, and the response from our community has been entirely positive.

Learn about Sofia
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8 / 8

Working in the shadows

Volunteers from the Awards and Distinctions Committee are working in the shadows to spotlight the achievements of Université Laval community members. In the last five years, the number of awards and distinctions earned by our community has risen 25%. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, the number of awards for women is also climbing.

See the awards and distinctions
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ULaval’s response to COVID-19


medicine and nursing student volunteers to lend a hand in red-zone hospitals

17 000

interactive buttons from the Quorem Project to assess how people in Québec feel about the way the crisis is being handled


professors to advise policymakers on the ethics of creating new IT applications in a hurry

Generous support for ULaval

20 012


15 M $

million in scholarships

12 M $

million to support research

See the Foundation’s annual report


The best in the world. Our personal favourites. Or simply those who inspire us and help us dream. The people on our list hail from a variety of backgrounds. A mix of established leaders and flag bearers for emerging talent, they exemplify the pride of belonging to the Université Laval community.

Boucar Diouf
Christiane Germain

Boucar Diouf and Christiane Germain

An oceanographer turned comedy star and prominent science communicator. An influential executive, inspirational leader, and supporter of the community. Get acquainted with our ambassadors, the recipients of an honorary doctorate, the highest distinction awarded by Université Laval.

All 2021 honorary doctorates
Xavier Desmeules


Never give up

In April 2020 the future of the Capitale-Nationale agricultural training camp was hanging by a thread. Coordinator Xavier Desmeules expected to lose his job. But instead of giving up, he doubled down and developed training courses in organic agriculture and entrepreneurship, built partnerships, and raised funds to help the camp survive.

Pascale Chevallier


Making a difference, worldwide

Winner of the Fonds Nature et technologies inaugural Research Professionals Excellence Award, Pascale Chevallier has a hand in 60 projects on 5 continents. She holds a PhD in polymer chemistry and is working to improve the performance of biomaterials, including heart implants.

Louis-philippe Garneau


Inspired by his mom

After seeing his mom struggle with her prostheses, Louis-Philippe Garneau wanted to give all amputees a better quality of life. The product design graduate went on to create Ethnocare with co-founders Marc-Antoine Malouin-Lizotte and Vincent Breton. The promising startup was a second-place winner of a Pierre-Péladeau bursary.

Peter Vanrolleghem


Wastewater magic

Can we predict the peaks and valleys of COVID-19 cases? Yes we can, two to seven days in advance. That’s what Professor Peter Vanrolleghem discovered by analyzing wastewater from Québec City, Montréal, and Laval. The exciting work he and his team are doing will help authorities with screening as part of the fight against epidemics.

Monica Gagnier


Remote bonding

Monica Gagnier helped 260 students from her faculty bond with each other though a friendly sports competition known as Sous-boilympique. For a change of pace after a day of remote learning, the students formed teams to compete in Zumba, running, swimming, yoga, skiing, thinking games, and more. The extracurricular initiative was a great way to bring people together, and Monica earned an award at the 2021 Student Life Gala.

Catherine Lamy


Choosing integrity

With colleagues Andréane Sicotte, Sonya Morales, and Mylaine Lemay, librarian Catherine Lamy rose to the challenge and created the Choosing Integrity training course in record time. The course explains the concepts of copyright and intellectual integrity and warns against plagiarism and other dishonourable behaviours. A mighty challenge in the distance learning era.


People who are transforming our world

As invaluable partners in the University’s mission, faithful allies of teaching and research, and standard bearers for generosity, our donors and the people they help remind us every day of the true meaning of philanthropy. Let’s get to know some of them.

André Turmel


André Turmel, professor and child sociology researcher, chairs the Antoine-Turmel Foundation, named after his father. The Foundation was the driving force behind the Antoine-Turmel Research Chair on Legal Protection of the Elderly. André Turmel’s Université Laval roots run deep, and he is an active supporter of social causes.

Eva Bergier


Administration graduate Eva Bergier set out for Kenya in 2019 to do something about the shortage of menstrual supplies. She created and distributed washable protective underwear made from recycled fabric, to the delight of young Kenyan women. Improving the human condition is what drives the dedicated 26-year-old.

Jacques Castonguay


Jacques Castonguay is a master in the art of soliciting donations. He also knows how to foster a sense of belonging among his fellow alumni. Jacques believes it is up to each graduate to support the development of and access to knowledge. Over the years he has raised $1.5 million in donations from his FSA 1967 classmates to support the construction of Centre FSA – Banque Nationale.

Taking action for sustainable development


Participants in the survey that inspired our shared vision


A new directory of electronic teaching resources


French-language university to sign the Okanagan Charter

See the contributions to sustainable development objectives

Some benchmarks

Total student population

Total student population

Université Laval is home to Québec’s 2nd largest student community, which grew by nearly 7% in 2020-2021, despite COVID-19.

Number of diplomas and certificates awarded

Number of diplomas and certificates awarded

Université Laval is among Canada’s leading universities in terms of the number of diplomas and certificates awarded. More than 80% of students who start a bachelor’s degree complete their program, meaning we have the 5th highest graduation rate in the country.

Research funds in millions of dollars

Research funds in millions of dollars

According to the most recent data, Université Laval ranks 7th among Canadian universities in terms of research revenue.

Percentage of research publications in cross-sector collaboration

Percentage of research publications in cross-sector collaboration

Université Laval has one of the highest cross-sector research publication rates among universities in the U15 (Canada’s major research universities). Our researchers achieve excellence in collaboration with the private, hospital, and government sectors.

Student satisfaction index

Student satisfaction index

Two North American surveys confirm that students’ overall satisfaction with the education offered at Université Laval is higher than the average for other Canadian universities. The most recent Maclean’s rating ranks Université Laval first in this regard among U15 universities.

Greenhouse gas production

Greenhouse gas production

Université Laval, a leader in sustainable development: The first voluntarily carbon-neutral university in Canada (2015), STARS gold rating (2019), 13th in North America according to the Sierra 2021 School Rankings, and 11th worldwide for its efforts to fight climate change according to the 2021 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.

La mobilisation se poursuit

Ongoing efforts


Université Laval created a bold strategic plan to raise our profile and meet the expectations of society and future generations. The University community enthusiastically answered the call. These stories and achievements inspire and motivate us. Our fourth community report reflects our desire to shine a light on all the talent and knowledge within the University. And it’s one more way for us to say thank you.


Financial statements

As a modern, transparent institution, Université Laval makes its financial statements accessible to the entire University community.

Historical results

Historical results

In recent years, the correlation between disposable income and expenses incurred has been maintained.

Historical investments

Historical investments

The proportion of investments in each category has been maintained, particularly for information technology.

See the full financial statements (PDF)