Admissions at Université Laval


French Proficiency

Université Laval is a French-language institution. Instruction is provided in French, and assignments and exams are written in French. 


Francophone applicants

Students accepted into a Université Laval program are subject to the requirements of the Policy on French Language Use at Université Laval (PDF, French only) and the related provisions (PDF, French only). For more information, refer to the document entitled Test de français Laval-Montréal (TFLM) (PDF, French only).



Non-francophone applicants

If you did not complete your primary or secondary education in French, you will have to take the Test de français international (TFI) at an institution that is part of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) network after submitting your admission application.

The ETS institution must send the results of the TFI in electronic format directly to the Université Laval Registrar’s Office by email at

You must have taken this test no more than two years prior to submitting your admission application. Depending on your program, passing the TFI may be a condition of admission or graduation. Based on your result, you may have to take one or more French courses for non-francophones. These courses will not count as credits toward your program of study.

The Université Laval School of Languages offers programs and courses at different levels. If you wish to study French or improve your knowledge of French, visit its website to see what opportunities are available.