Admissions at Université Laval


Qualifying courses are pre-university level courses that allow you to acquire the skills, abilities, and knowledge you need to be accepted into your program of choice and help you succeed in your studies at Université Laval.

These courses are designed to prepare you for most programs offered at Université Laval, and their content has been chosen to meet the admission requirements for these programs. Taking these courses in a university environment will help ease your integration into the program you wish to take.



Target clientele

Qualifying courses are mainly targeted toward applicants from one of the three following categories:


  • Mature applicants
  • Applicants who hold a college diploma (DEC) or equivalent but lack certain knowledge for admission to a specific program, or who are changing programs
  • Applicants having studied outside of Québec who hold a pre-university diploma that is not equivalent to a DEC, but adds up to 12 years of education



Information, admissions, and enrolment

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