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Important: Be aware of all health measures in effect for the winter session.

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June 16, 2022, 10:10 a.m.

For any questions:

The COVID-19 team thanks and salutes you 

On March 13, 2020, the Quebec government declared a state of health emergency. In the haste imposed by the pandemic, we had to rethink everything. 
For 27 months, we accompanied you during this unprecedented crisis. We have given you advice, reminded you of instructions, guided you to the best of our knowledge through government directives that were sometimes difficult to understand and apply. 
For the moment, the health situation is stable. And after having lived together six successive waves, this 89th message to the community is the last one you will receive. It is time to say goodbye.  
The COVID-19 team as you know it will no longer exist.  
But first, let me thank you one last time for the commitment and resilience you have shown in this collective ordeal. 
To you, the faculty and teaching staff: thank you for preserving Université Laval's mission of education and research in all circumstances. 
To you, members of the staff: thank you for having maintained the smooth running of the Université Laval and the services to students, both at a distance and in person, even at the peak of the crisis. 
To you, members of the student community: thank you for maintaining your motivation and perseverance. 
Everyone will long remember the distancing pellets, the sanitary instructions on the doors of the pavillons, the switch to distance activities, the disruption of social, cultural and sports activities. And so on. 
But above all, we must remember your attentiveness, your understanding, your exemplary behavior and your solidarity throughout the pandemic. Please know that we have always acted in the best interest and respect of the community members. 
The credit for our collective success also goes to the members of the management team for their trust. Thank you. 
I would also like to extend my warmest thanks to all the people who, from near or far, have participated at one time or another in the activities of COVID-19 team.  
Finally, a special thank you to my close team for their unfailing rigor. Over time, we have become a true professional family. 
Reminder regarding the self-assessment and the declaration of isolation 
As habits die hard, and even though the health restrictions have all been lifted, we feel the need to issue one last gentle reminder before the summer. 
We remind you that, in accordance with government requirements, you may not report to campus if you have symptoms of COVID-19, a positive test result, or due to a high-risk situation.  
In any of these situations, you must complete an isolation statement, filling out the form that corresponds to your status, either student or staff member.  
Take care of yourself and others... Have a good summer at work and on vacation. And come back to us in good shape for the fall session. 
Until then, remains active. So, don't hesitate to write us if you need anything. 

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