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Procedure for accessing the pavilions

As part of the progressive return of research personnel to campus, anyone who wishes to enter the pavilions must use the online form available at to request access to the pavilion prior to his or her arrival and to check out online upon leaving.

Basic rules

  • You must register online prior to each visit (before your arrival at the pavilion’s reception desk). 
  • The pavilions can be accessed through a single door identified for this purpose. You will be notified of which door to use after you have completed your online registration. 
  • Reception desks are located at each designated pavilion entrance to verify whether the online form was previously completed.
  • You must check out upon leaving the pavilion. 


We ask that you use the online form to request access to the facility before arriving at the reception desk. 

The online checkout process is mandatory. You will no longer be able to access a pavilion if you fail to check out properly. 

It is not necessary to report to the reception desk before leaving a pavilion.  

Accessing the pavilions

Before your arrival

  • Access the form at and log in using your IDUL and PIN.
  • Complete the Attendance Declaration Form.
  • When the form is successfully submitted, the system will notify you of the door that you must use in order to enter the pavilion. 

Upon your arrival at the pavilion

  • Check in at the reception desk located at the previously identified door.
  • Identify yourself using your IDUL to the person at the reception desk.
  • To expedite your entry, we recommend that you write down your IDUL on paper and present this document at the reception desk.

The person at the reception desk will: 

  • Verify that you successfully submitted the Attendance Declaration Form
  • Ensure that you do not have any apparent symptoms
  • Confirm and accept your attendance declaration 

Access without pre-registration

  • Online registration before your arrival is mandatory. 
  • It will not be possible to register directly at the reception desk (with the exception of rare cases only).  

Leaving the pavilions

You must check out of the pavilion up to 15 minutes before or within 15 minutes of your departure.

  • Access the form at 
  • Identify yourself using your IDUL and PIN
  • Confirm your time you left the pavilion.
  • Your exit is now registered in the system.