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Canadian Applicants from Outside Québec


University Education in Québec City

For Canadians from another province, studying at Université Laval is a unique and deeply rewarding experience that combines a quality education at one of the best universities in the country with an immersion in Québec City –the heart of French culture in North America.

Founded over 400 years ago, Québec City certainly has a rich and vibrant past, but it is also the capital and seat of the provincial government. In the past decade, it has especially drawn attention for its economic vitality—consistently ranking among Canada’s leading cities for low unemployment and strong economic growth—and for the strength of its research and development sector (it has the highest concentration of researchers per capita in Canada).

Known worldwide for its European charm, its quality of life and its safe atmosphere, Québec City pulses with cultural and artistic energy and brims with activities in summer and winter alike. In addition to its lively nightlife, bars, cafes, bistros, museums, theatres and cinemas, it also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, including two major ones— the Festival d'été and the famous Winter Carnival.


Studying at Université Laval

If you qualify for university education in your home province, you're also eligible to study at Université Laval.

Please note, however, that many programs have specific requirements in addition to the basic requirements.

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Exchange Programs

You can also become a visiting student by taking advantage of one of the available exchange programs to do part of your studies or research internship at Université Laval.


Preparatory year

Candidates graduating from a Canadian high school must allow for four to five years of full-time study to complete a bachelor’s degree, depending on the chosen program. Your first year of studies will be aimed at providing you with a solid foundation for academic success in your chosen field in the years that follow.

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Non-francophone Applicants

French Immersion

French immersion courses allow non-francophone students to obtain a bachelor's degree at Université Laval while becoming bilingual. A non-francophone is someone who has completed neither their primary nor their secondary education in French.

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Interprovincial Agreements with Ontario and the Maritimes

Ontario applicants

Each year, under the Ontario-Québec Agreement, Université Laval sets aside spaces for Ontario applicants in limited enrolment health programs (Dentistry and Pharmacy).

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Candidates from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

The government of New Brunswick has an agreement with the Québec government to ensure that a number of places are available for New Brunswick students who wish to pursue their studies in French in disciplines not offered by universities in their province.

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Transfer Students

In some cases, transfer students may be granted advanced standing for courses completed at another university. If admitted, transfer students must address all inquiries and requests regarding advanced standing to their program director.


Important Dates

Please note that the fall semester begins in late August or early September, the winter semester in early January, and the summer semester in late April or early May.

Most programs accept new students in each of the three semesters. For semester admission deadlines, refer to the following section.


Tuition and Other Expenses

Affordable tuition and the moderate cost of living make Université Laval a financially attractive choice for residents of other Canadian provinces.

As a Canadian student from outside Québec, you will pay tuition comparable to what you would pay at universities in your home province—or less.  Moreover, enrolling in certain French or French Literature courses may entitle you to substantial reductions in tuition. 

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The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office offers a variety of scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who have been admitted to a full-time program. Recipients are selected on the basis of their academic achievements. Moreover, there are also several scholarships for Canadian students from outside Québec wishing to undertake undergraduate studies at Université Laval.


Campus Housing

Campus housing is very affordable and close to all services. Service des résidences at Université Laval offers more than 2,300 comfortable, well-appointed rooms in four buildings. Each residence has a modern community kitchen and is connected to campus buildings via underground tunnels.

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Student Orientation and Integration

Université Laval makes every effort to welcome you and facilitate your integration on campus and in Québec City. Take advantage of reception services at the airport, welcome and discovery activities in Québec City, a Foreign students handbook, a buddy program and one-on-one meetings to help you with various formalities and the adjustment process.

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A festive, action-packed city, still proud of its 400 years of history. Assist to an outdoor concert, see a movie on the world's largest Imax screen, visit a waterfall higher than Niagara's, take part in our famous winter carnival! Whether you are seeking adventure or a relaxing vacation, Québec City has got it all. The great outdoors is only minutes away from downtown. The Québec City region offers wonderful autumn colours, crisp winter sceneries, and a myriad of summer events and joie de vivre!

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