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Plan your studies

Admissions requirements

Admission to a program is based first and foremost on your academic record. In addition, applicants must meet the diploma requirements for the program and be proficient in French.


Fees and budgeting

A university education is a big investment. It’s important to budget appropriately to cover all the costs of a year of study.


French language learning support

At ULaval we’re proud of our French language and heritage. We offer a variety of services to help non-francophone applicants polish their language skills.


Scholarships and financial aid

Explore the full range of financial aid options, including academic and leadership scholarships, international mobility scholarships, paid internships, and much more.


The university system in Québec

The Québec university system is based on the North American model with more of a mix of professional programs and research-oriented programs.


Admission deadlines

Summer 2024

Browse our programs for the summer semester (available in French only)

Summer programs

Fall 2024

Browse our programs for the fall semester (available in French only)

Fall programs

Winter 2025

Browse our programs for the winter semester (available in French only)

Winter programs