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Priority 2 – Connected research

As a transformative and high-impact institution, Université Laval is determined to connect to its home environment and the entire world. To do so, we have equipped our community with cutting-edge digital infrastructure.

2.1 Connected to society

2.2 Connected to the world

2.3 Connected by digital technology

Our community in action

Research to promote Québec gastronomy

The GastronomiQc Lab, a joint food sciences research unit created to promote Québec gastronomy around the world, is a unique space for collaboration and networking. Professionals in the restaurant, production, and processing sectors, among others, benefit from its research and knowledge transfer activities. The Lab offers training for specialists, international forums, and the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills to help the industry innovate and be more competitive.

Bringing research results to life

Knowing that a simple idea generated by research results can make a big difference in the world, the University supports entrepreneurship in a multitude of fields and disciplines. Through scientific entrepreneurship, the University’s community brings innovative ideas to market and improves quality of life at the individual and community level.

Connecting research to society

For over 20 years, the AELIÉS Public Chair has held a crucial mission: to make the University’s research—and especially its results—accessible to all. Through its “En Savoir Plus” (To learn more) lecture series, the Chair gathers people from various backgrounds to shed light on current issues like stress or climate change. The Chair also created the Neo competition to provide graduate students with a platform for scientific outreach.

Collaborating to bolster research

What do the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and Université Laval have in common? Besides a longstanding collaboration, the two institutions have been part of a joint international research unit (JIRU) since 2016. This research unit brings together cutting-edge expertise in a world-class centre of excellence in neurodevelopment and child psychiatry. JIRU is raising the profile of multi-centre studies on large patient cohorts to make an even bigger impact and push the limits of research.

Supporting sustainable development in the Arctic

Thanks to world-renowned expertise in northern research and its sustainable development work, Université Laval was chosen to host the permanent secretariat of the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). ULaval will help the SDWG provide Indigenous communities with practical knowledge and bolster their capacity to address challenges and opportunities in the Arctic.

Joining forces for sustainable health

Alliance santé Québec (AsQ) is an unprecedented collaboration that brings together the health and social services research and innovation community in the greater Québec City area to expand the research capacities of this entire learning ecosystem. Since 2013, AsQ has worked to maximize social, economic, and scientific outcomes to improve individual and population well-being from a sustainable health perspective.

Using cutting-edge technologies to optimize data

PULSAR offers technological and collaborative solutions for sustainable health research. This platform is the only one of its kind in Québec, allowing users to share and exploit data to improve health and well-being. And thanks to VALERIA (in French only) and the Centre de valorisation des données (Data exploitation centre, site in French only), the research community also has access to secure,efficient solutions to store, collect, transfer, and process data in all disciplines. 

Key information within easy reach

Argus is an innovative digital environment designed to facilitate the University’s research management. The tool is being developed iteratively to gradually offer useful applications that are adapted to everyone in the research community. Members save time and energy by using tools that are simple, accessible, effective, and directly relevant to their work.