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Innovating to respond to employment challenges

François Bernard Malo trains students to be agile and skilled human resources professionals. Inspired by creative approaches to complex problems, he helps organizations innovate.

François Bernard Malo

Full professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences
Director of Continuing Education Programs in Industrial Relations


Research Chair on Integration and Diversity Management (CRIDE)
Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire
State University of New York International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) (Buffalo State College)

Working together to solve organizational problems

François Bernard Malo shares his expertise by publishing reference materials for managers and human resources professionals. In his most recent book, he introduces IcareRH, a method that uses creativity to solve complex organizational problems. IcareRH goes beyond existing theories and empowers work teams to collaborate and leverage their skills to develop concrete solutions tailored to their reality and needs.

Supporting organizations in facing today’s challenges

With current labour shortages and limited resources, how can we help community organizations attract and retain skilled staff? Professor Malo works with organizations like Pech in Québec City to identify creative solutions to the challenges of attracting and retaining workers. He facilitates workshops that help teams work better together, be effective, and find lasting solutions to the problems they encounter while taking into account their limitations.

Democratizing creativity and innovation everywhere

Traditional businesses can also benefit from a creative and innovative approach to workforce management. Professor Malo provides agricultural entrepreneurship training for companies facing growth or positioning challenges. He helps entrepreneurs understand that creativity is not just about creating new products, it’s about managing the various problems businesses experience. He supports entrepreneurs in developing their creativity to achieve success and retain workers long term. 

At Pech, Professor Malo conducts workshops and assists the coordination committee in resolving the challenges the teams face.

As we have seen in many fields, 21st-century skills make it possible to solve complex problems collaboratively rather than individually or in silos.

François Bernard Malo is part of the Initiatives for the Future on urban intelligence, an exciting educational innovation project at UL.

Professor Malo has written and contributed to numerous books for industrial relations students and human resources professionals.

What's next

Professor Malo will continue his HR-related work on creativity and complex problem-solving. He will also be helping to develop software that can measure employees’ creative abilities and help them grow. Professor Malo will continue providing support and continuing education services to private businesses, public and parapublic organizations, NPOs, unions, and worker advocacy associations. Lastly, with a view to tailoring his courses to community needs and realities, he is also taking a growing interest in university education and non-traditional teaching methods.

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