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Professional Order Integration Program

The Professional Order Integration Program is for you if you:

  • Need to update your knowledge and skills to join a professional order in Québec
  • Earned a university diploma outside Québec that gives you access to a professional order in Québec

The organization responsible for certifying your education will review it and determine the conditions you need to meet to join the order and practise your profession in Québec.

Steps to follow

  1. Contact the professional order in Québec to find out the conditions for joining.
  2. Apply online to the Professional Order Integration Program and submit the document or letter from the professional order in Québec detailing their requirements to the Registrar’s Office as a supplement to your application.

When applying online, select Professional Order Integration Program (Programme d’insertion dans les ordres professionnels.

Some fields of study have limited space, so they have an application selection process.

Questions about admission?

Registrar's Office
Pavillon Jean-Charles-Bonenfant
2345, allée des Bibliothèques
Bureau 2440 Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6

Québec Area
418 656-3080

Toll Free
1 877 785-2825