Admissions at Université Laval


Respond to an Offer of Admission

  • If you receive an offer of admission for a specific semester, you must reply as soon as possible.

  • If you receive an offer of admission for a limited enrolment program, you must reply within 10 days of receiving the offer.

    If you are a college student, however, the reply deadline for limited enrolment programs is June 1. If you receive the offer after June 1, the deadline is 10 business days after the date of receipt.

    If you answer “no” to an offer of admission to a limited enrolment program, you cannot change your mind later.

    If you are placed on a waiting list, you are not required to reply. However, if you wish to be removed from the waiting list, you can do so electronically through Capsule (French only).

  • If you have accepted one program’s offer of admission and then decide to decline it in order to accept another program’s offer, you must first ensure that your refusal is electronically entered in the system, through Capsule (French only), as soon as you have reached this decision.

    If you refuse an offer of admission and later change your mind, you must inform the Registrar’s Office by email at The staff at the Registrar’s Office will enter your information into the system. You can then check your file in Capsule to see the status of your offer of admission for the desired semester.

You must reply to the offer of admission before you can register for any courses or activities.


Steps to follow

To reply to an offer of admission:

  • Enter your IDUL and PIN on the sign in page of Capsule (French only), the UL self-service website.
  • On the main menu, click the “
    Suivi d'une demande d'admission” link (French only).
  • Click the “Dossier de candidature” link (French only).