Admissions at Université Laval


The application lets you indicate two program choices. The order of these choices is not important. Both will be assessed simultaneously when your application is processed. You will receive a separate answer for each choice.

The Registrar’s Office will inform you of the university’s official decision by email at your address. Decisions are never communicated by telephone.

You will be informed of one of the following decisions:



Final offer of admission

The offer of admission is final if your application is deemed eligible, you meet all requirements, and you have provided all official supporting documents with your application.



Conditional offer of admission

The offer of admission is conditional if your application is deemed eligible but certain conditions have not been met:

  • Official supporting documents and/or
  • Admission requirements for the programs you have selected

If you are currently enrolled in a college in Québec, you must provide proof that you obtained your Diploma of College Studies by the following dates:

  • September 30 for the fall semester
  • February 1 for the winter semester

You may be granted a two-semester grace period in the following special situations:

  • You are only missing one course to complete your Diploma of College Studies
  • You have not yet taken the Ministerial Examination of College French (the exit exam)


Offer of admission for qualifying students

The offer of admission may require you to take qualifying courses for up to a year. These courses are in addition to the course requirements for the program.



Waiting list

If you are applying for a limited enrolment program, you may be placed on a waiting list. You may possibly receive an offer of admission if another applicant who has already been accepted decides to turn down the offer. In any case, you must still meet the admission requirements. 




The Office of the Registrar will inform you of the reason your application was rejected. You will then have the option of submitting another program choice under the following conditions:

  • The request is not for a third choice in a limited enrolment program
  • The deadline for submitting applications has not passed
  • You meet the specific admission requirements and selection criteria for the new program
  • You submit an additional program choice