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Our mobility programs

Université Laval has a number of programs in place to host exchange students from partner universities. The University also offers training and research internships.

Student mobility agreements

You are a student and would like to participate in one of our mobility programs? Learn more about the possibilities for ULaval students as well as exchanges and internships for foreign students.

If you are a employee from a partner university, you can also browse our student mobility agreement database (in French only).

Student exchanges

Dedicated exchange programs (International Profile, Exchanges Canada)

These exchange programs are fully integrated into programs of study at the home university and Université Laval. Joint course offerings are negotiated based on a history of cooperation between the institutions and program directors. Administrative procedures are generally streamlined. This is Université Laval’s preferred method for organizing student exchanges.

General bilateral agreements

These are general mobility agreements between partner universities and Université Laval. Applicants are responsible for choosing their courses and having them approved by their home institution.

Partner institutions are responsible for selecting the students who will participate in exchanges at Université Laval. However, admission to Université Laval is not automatic. Applications must first be reviewed by the directors of the programs applied for.

Open programs: A limited number of programs accept exchange students under bilateral exchange agreements. View the list here (PDF, in French only).

Multilateral (Exchanges through BCI or other consortiums)

These are general mobility programs between Université Laval and consortiums of several universities. Applicants are responsible for choosing their courses and having them approved by their home institution.

Only six applications per partner are accepted under the BCI student exchange program. For more information, go to the BCI exchanges website.

Training and research internships

International students interested in enhancing their training with hands-on experience have the opportunity of doing an internship at Université Laval. Students must take steps to secure an internship that meets the requirements of their program of study abroad. Each student is responsible for making their own arrangements and having the internship recognized by their program.

Click here for more information on the steps students must take to arrange a training or research internship at Université Laval.

Managing incoming mobility at Université Laval

This information is for student mobility coordinators at Université Laval partner universities with which we have bilateral or multilateral student mobility agreements. View the information on student mobility management.