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Accessing your research funds

Once you have been notified that you have received funding, complete the necessary steps to access your funds and launch your project.

Forwarding your funding award notification

Once the granting organization has reviewed your application, you will receive a funding award notification. Forward a copy to the advisor you worked with when preparing the application.

If the answer is positive, sending a copy to your advisor will trigger the process for accessing your funds.

It is necessary to enter the funding award notification into SIRUL in order to open an account with the Finance Department. You will not be able to access your funds if the result has not been entered.

If the answer is negative, forward the notice to your advisor along with any comments you may have received. The result will be archived in SIRUL and the comments will help you improve future applications.

Ethical procedures

You must obtain all ethical certifications that apply to your project before accessing your funds.
If you have not already done so, complete the “Déclaration du chercheur.” You will be notified of the procedures that apply to your project based on the answers provided in your statement.

Meeting granting organization or grant requirements

Make sure your project meets all granting organization or grant requirements. Make the requested changes and add the missing elements, if necessary.

Signing an agreement or understanding

More and more grants require recipients to sign an agreement or understanding between the parties involved in the project. These agreements impose obligations on you and Université Laval. The withdrawal and intellectual property clauses are particularly important.

Consult your faculty or VRRCI advisor to have the agreement reviewed and validated before it is signed by an authorized signatory—either a dean or vice rector, depending on the decentralization agreement.

Fund advances and project launch

The Finance Department allows you to incur expenses and advances funds if you respect the following terms:

  • You have obtained all ethical certifications that apply to your research project
  • You respect the granting organization’s terms, if any
  • You have forwarded the funding award notification and any other required documents to the Finance Department

In case of doubt or a problem, consult your VRRCI or faculty advisor.