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Preparing a funding application

Preparing a funding application involves multiple steps and actors. Improve your chances of obtaining funding by reviewing our tips and regulations.

Drafting letters of intent and applications

As principal investigator, you are responsible for drafting the letter of intent and the funding application. Inform your faculty advisor or the Office of the Vice Rector of Research and Innovation (VRRCI) as soon as possible. They will be able to help you prepare your application and follow up on it once it has been submitted.

Depending on the type of program and the number of applications submitted, allow several weeks for internal review.

VRRCI strongly recommends that you have a colleague review your application before submitting it to your advisor.

Having your application reviewed by an advisor

Research development advisors at your faculty and VRRCI review the main components of your application: budget, researchers eligibility, etc.

This review:

  • Ensures the application meets the granting agency’s criteria
  • Ensures the application complies with Université Laval policies and regulations
  • Recommends changes that may improve your chances of obtaining the requested funding, if necessary

Internal deadline

The internal deadline allows research development advisors the time they need to properly review your application before you to submit it to the appropriate authority for signature. Internal deadlines may vary for some programs.

Funding application review: for most organizations, 7 days before the deadline set by the organization to which you are applying.
Letter of intent review: 48 hours

These deadlines must be respected due to the highly competitive nature of competitions, the high volume of applications submitted across the entire campus, and the increased risk of error introduced by tight deadlines.

Obtaining the required authorizations

All funding applications must be signed by: 

  • The head of the department or school
  • The dean or associate dean of research at the lead applicant’s faculty

The signature of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation or his/her assistant is required in the following cases:

  • The lead investigator is attached to a centralized faculty
  • International partners are involved in the application
  • The granting organization’s criteria differ from Université Laval’s policies (especially with regard to payment of indirect costs and intellectual property)
  • The application is being submitted to a foreign organization

Other cases may also require the vice rector’s signature—when in doubt, contact your advisor.

You must obtain the signatures required by Université Laval, even if the granting organization does not request them. You are also responsible for obtaining all signatures requested by the granting organization, even if the university does not require them.

Submitting your application

Funding applications may be submitted electronically or by mail, depending on the granting organization’s requirements.

Electronically: An advisor approves and submits your application within the deadline set by the granting organization.
By mail: Some granting organizations still require the submission of hard-copy applications. If so, contact your faculty.

Internal regulations at Université Laval

Université Laval has adopted internal regulations that must be respected when applying for funding. 

  • Keep a copy of submitted applications with the required signatures on the first page
  • Obtain the necessary signatures, as described above
  • Provide your advisor with a copy of each application you are involved in as lead investigator or co-investigator