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Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research

Members of the Université Laval (UL) research community treat people, animals, and the environment with equity, dignity, and respect in all aspects of their research projects.

Reducing project-related risks

All research projects involve some degree of ethical risk. Find out how the ethics and risk management committees and tools at Université Laval can help you prevent risks.

Research with humans

CÉRULs assess all projects that involve recruiting participants, viewing personal information, or using human biological material.

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Animal protection

The CPAUL issues authorizations to use animals for research or teaching purposes.

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Biological hazards

The Biological Hazard Management Committee enforces compliance with biosafety and biosecurity rules on campus and in research centres affiliated with UL.

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Chemical hazards

The Chemical Hazard Management Committee issues the required certificates for all projects that use chemicals.

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Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Committee assess research projects involving the use of radioisotopes, radiation devices, or sealed radioactive sources.

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Laser and Hazardous Optical Sources

The Committee issues safety rules for using lasers and hazardous optical sources at Université Laval and keeps a record of such use.

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Conflicts of interest in research

A conflict of interest is not necessarily a problem as long as it is addressed promptly and transparently. Read our advice for identifying, disclosing, and managing conflict of interest situations.

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Policies and regulations

There are policies and regulations in place to hold research stakeholders accountable. Review them before you start your project.

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Delving deeper to enhance your knowledge and skills

Université Laval has developed an extensive array of tools to encourage responsible conduct in research. Explore the information, tools, and reference materials available on a variety of topics.

Responsible Conduct of Research Week

Every year members of the university community gather to examine and discuss ethical challenges in research, creation, and innovation.

Personne chargée de la conduite responsable en recherche (PCCRR)

The PCCRR handles complaints about violations of responsible conduct. To contact the PCCRR: 

Eugénie Brouillet

Vice Rector of Research and Innovation 
418 656-2131, poste 402599

Activity Report

Responsible conduct in research and creation is a priority at Université Laval. Various means are in place to foster responsible conduct in different areas (faculties, research centres, courses, etc.). VRRCI’s actions in this regard are documented in an annual activity report.

View the 2019 activity report (PDF, French only)