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Housing in Quebec City


Whether you’re here for just a few months or for a few years, it’s important to find a place to call home. If you don’t book a room or other living quarters before arriving in Québec City, here are some resources that can help you find housing quickly.

Université Laval has 4 dormitories on its campus; 3 mixed and 1 exclusively for women. As the residences are very popular, you need to book yours as soon as possible to make sure you have a room. For more information on university dormitories or to book your room, please visit www.residences.ulaval.ca. 

At the Student Life Office Orientation Lounge—you’ll have access to computers, phones, maps, and knowledgeable personnel who can help you in your search. You can also visit our Housing page, which lists several websites popular with students seeking rooms, apartments, or shared rentals. And while it may be reassuring and convenient to reserve housing before you arrive, we strongly urge against sending payment to unknown individuals until you have personally visited the place in question.

If you need to find reasonably priced temporary lodging in Québec City, check the Housing page which lists youth hostels and similar types of accommodation.