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Student exchanges allow students enrolled at another university (one that Université Laval has signed an agreement with) to come and take courses at our institution for one or two semesters. Université Laval does not issue any diplomas to students it is hosting through exchange programs. Exchange students are required to register full-time while they are at Université Laval.

You can take part in different types of exchanges. The terms of participation may vary.

Submitting your documents

Here are the steps for registering for courses:

  1. After you arrive in Canada, you must send all documents that provide evidence of your legal status to the Registrar’s Office using the Étudiants en échange – Dépôt des documents / Exchange students – Submitting documents form.
  2. Within 5 business days, the Registrar’s Office will process the documents you submit.
  3. Once you receive confirmation that your documents have been processed, you must contact your faculty so that it can go ahead with your registration and complete your arrival documents, such as an attestation of arrival or a study contract, if necessary. See the list of faculty contacts to find out who you need to email.

Questions about admission?

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