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Training and Research Internships

Admission and Registration


All training and research interns must be officially registered full time at Université Laval. They will be registered for 0 credits, giving them full-time status. Depending on the length of stay, registration is renewable each semester up to a maximum of one year (12 months). No university credits will be awarded by Université Laval to students registered under this arrangement.


When you arrive at Université Laval

Your first step on arrival is to go to the Registrar’s Office (French only) to complete admission and registration formalities and get the information you will need for your stay. Once you are registered, the Registrar’s Office will issue you a student card, an official email address, an ID number, and a card proving you have paid for and are a member of Université Laval’s mandatory health and hospitalization insurance plan.

Documents to provide to the Registrar’s Office