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Training and Research Internships

Eligibility Criteria


To qualify as an intern, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently be a student at a Canadian university outside Québec or a foreign university.

  • Be invited and supervised by a full-time professor who oversees the stay (securing an invitation is the responsibility of the future intern).

  • Have the required financial resources for the entire stay (return plane ticket, travel during your internship, accommodations, living expenses, and insurance, if necessary).

  • Respect the condition regarding the maximum duration of the internship 12 months per study cycle.

    • Successfully complete the temporary immigration process to obtain a work permit and a temporary residency visa (as required, according to the student’s country of citizenship). Information on work authorizations and visa requirements (French only). For an english version of this information, please contact

  • Agree to inform the Registrar’s Office ( of any changes to your file (e.g., contact information, duration of stay).