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Foreign workers and interns

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian immigration rules allow Université Laval to receive visiting professors and researchers, postdoctoral and medical fellows, training or research interns and other foreign workers such as tenure-track professors and research professionals who:

What you need to do

All foreign workers and interns who wish to come to Université Laval must read this page which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been provided as a complement to the usual immigration procedures.

This page summarizes the rules in effect at the time of writing. The health situation in Canada, the requirements for entering Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic and the immigration requirements may change at any time. It is therefore important that you also consult the websites of the relevant authorities (notably federal and provincial authorities).

See the list at the bottom of the page. See the procedure that applies to your situation.

Immigration process and vaccination status

Your vaccination status is now the first thing to consider when planning a stay at Université Laval.

Check if you qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller.

Prepare for your arrival in Canada

Once you have your regular immigration documents and the additional documents required due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can book your flight. Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the availability and continuation of flights.

We strongly recommend that you enter Canada through Montreal airport.

You must comply with all public health measures during your trip.

Ensure you have all the required documents using our two checklists, which you should crosscheck with the official Canadian immigration checklist for your situation:

  1. Regular immigration documents, which you will find in the “Going through Canadian customs” section of the immigration and invitation procedures for your situation
  2. Documents required due to the COVID-19 pandemic, listed here (see the sections below for more details):
  • Find out more about arrival rules here (Canadian rules).
  • Make sure you have your proof of full vaccination according to Canadian standards.
  • If you are a student (postdoctoral or medical fellow or training or research intern) who must access a health and social services establishment or a research centre adjacent to such an establishment for the purpose of your fellowship or internship in Quebec, make sure you have proof that you are adequately protected against COVID-19.
  • If you are invited under a work permit exemption, you must have a letter from your faculty’s contact person for immigration confirming your permit exemption. See the list (in French only).
  • Download the ArriveCAN application and submit your information as required.
  • The selection for COVID-19 testing upon arrival is currently random. See below for more information.

During your trip to Canada

If you begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms on your way to Canada, speak to a flight attendant right away to receive the necessary recommendations for the rest of the flight. When you arrive in Canada, notify the border services officers and contact Université Laval by email at

Going through the Canadian customs

You will probably undergo 2 identity checks when you arrive in Canada (arrival at your first Canadian airport).

Relevant websites

Before leaving for Canada, it is your responsibility to regularly consult the information on the measures that the federal and Quebec governments as well as Université Laval have put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. By doing so, you can prepare for your arrival and ensure you comply with the measures once you are in Canada.