Making a sustainable mark on the world


4,000 international students...

From 112 countries are studying at Université Laval, where 23% of the professors and lecturers are also from countries other than Canada. UL has ties with over 500 renowned partners in all four corners of the globe and enjoys worldwide name recognition.


UL is the ideal place to study ...

... and play hard! Athletes of all stripes head to PEPS, the university sports complex where Laval's 15 elite-level Rouge et Or teams also train. With over 200 student associations and hundreds of cultural and scientific activities, there’s always something going on at UL!


Université Laval offers over 400 programs and has more than 690 exchange agreements in place with universities in some 60 countries. To learn whether your school has an agreement with UL, contact your office of international relations.

Quebec City


Québec City is a natural fortress perched atop Cap Diamant overlooking the majestic St. Lawrence River, and the capital of the province of Québec. As the only North American city surrounded by authentic fortifications, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

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    Université Laval International

    Here is a lively, bustling place brimming with ideas.

    Projects of all kinds are being worked up and carried out: a study session in Norway, an internship in sustainable development in Panama, skills and knowledge transfer with Indian health professionals, an architecture project in Vietnam, and so on. Life in this animated, cosmopolitan place is governed by the rythm of departures and arrivals.

    Literally and figuratively, throngs of students are going places or coming here.

    Where is it all happening?

    In Québec City, at Université Laval, Canada's international mobility leader!