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Student Exchanges

Formalities for Visiting Students


Upon arrival

Upon arrival on the Université Laval campus, visiting students are to proceed as instructed in their letter of acceptance:


  • Go to the Registrar’s Office with the letter of acceptance and all required documents (e.g., passport, birth certificate, CAQ, and study permits)
  • Go to the office of the academic advisor to register for their choice of courses


Student services

Reserving a room in residence
Residence Office
Telephone: 418-656-2921
Fax: 418-656-2801 

Support and integration services for visiting students
The Office of Student Living at Université Laval offers a variety of services and activities to help visiting students enjoy their time on campus. Examples include a buddy program that twins Université Laval students with international students, counselling services, a guided tour of Québec City, and a variety of off-campus activities.


Before leaving Université Laval

In accordance with Canada’s Privacy Act, the Registrar’s Office sends transcripts to students, not to educational institutions. Before leaving, visiting students must enter their new address in the Université Laval academic advising system in order to have their grades sent to their permanent address. If they wish to have a transcript sent directly to your department, they must make a request for a supplemental transcript at the Registrar’s Office and pay the $7 supplemental transcript fee.

Certificates of departure
If your students need to have a certificate of departure filled out prior to leaving, they must contact the Registrar’s Office and allow three to five business days for the preparation of this document.