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Student Exchanges

Applying for a Student Exchange


To apply for a Université Laval student exchange, you must have your school send your application directly to the UL International Office or the UL professor responsible for the inter-institutional agreement with your school. There is no processing fee.


Application deadlines


Visiting student applications must be submitted by partner institutions by the following dates:

  • March 20 for students who wish to attend Université Laval during the fall semester or for two semesters (fall and winter)
  • October 1 for those who wish to attend the winter semester only
  • Please note : Fall semester and Academic Year for Architecture and Design must be submitted by March 20th.

BCI exchange program applications must be submitted by partner institutions by the following date :

  • March 1st

For more information, please consult with your university's international office.


Your application package


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Your application package must include:

  • Official transcripts from all university studies (must be in French, English, or Spanish)

  • A list of courses approved by the partner institution. The list of courses available for the semester you are interested is not yet known. The choice of courses to submit for your application is an indicative list of courses you would wish to take. We cannot guarantee  access to these courses since you will only be able to register when you arrive at Université Laval.  

  • A letter of interest for students applying under a general student exchange agreement

  • A French test score (for non-francophone students). Université Laval recommends the TFI (Test de français international). The minimum TFI score for admission in a regular program is 750/990. Equivalent scores on other recognized French tests such as DELF or DALF are also acceptable. This testing requirement does not apply to students who register for French as a Foreign Language or French as a Second Language courses.

  • A portfolio (for students in architecture, fine arts, and graphic design).

Multilateral exchange program (BCI)

The applications received within the Multilateral exchange program (BCI) are limited to six per institution. After a first verification of the eligibility criteria, the applications are sent in Faculty for a decision. Decisions are final and without appeal.

At the end of this process, the International Office will send to the selected students and their home institution an email to complete the online application form. 

For those not selected an email will be sent. Unsuccessful student applications will be forwarded to their second choice institution.


  • Prospective exchange students in master’s or PhD programs who plan to do thesis or dissertation work, a final project, or laboratory work must arrange in advance for a UL faculty member to act as an advisor during their stay before submitting their applications to the International Office. Under no circumstances may UL professors serve as dissertation or thesis co-supervisors.

  • For courses in French as a Foreign Language (FFL), an activity fee (but no tuition or processing fees) will be charged.

Admission package


1.      You will receive a letter of acceptance by email.

This letter confirms your definitive admission to a program as a student exchange. It will be used when you request documents for your stay and when you arrive in Canada.

It also indicates the exact name of your admission program at Université Laval, Bachelor's or Master's degree, followed by the program of study.

IMPORTANT:  The letter of acceptance will specify your level and program of study. If this information is incorrect you must immediately contact us by email at Changes to the level, semester, or program of study will not be possible after students arrive. 

Please read carefully the email accompanying the letter of admission to prepare you for your stay.

2.      You will receive a notice of receipt by email

The information contained in the notice of receipt is the key to access your personal file but also to communicate with Université Laval.

This information is:

  • Your NI - Identification Number (9 digits) or student file number;
  • The exact name of your admission program at Université Laval, Bachelor's or Master's degree, followed by the program of study;
  • Your IDUL - Unique identifier from Université Laval to enter your Capsule file;
  • Your email address or email @ulaval:

Important: You are responsible for completing immigration formalities as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance. You must have all required documents with you upon your arrival at Université Laval.