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Based on academic records, the program director will determine which qualifying courses are the most suitable for students based on their previous education and their chosen program of study.

Applicants must take admission exams, including an instrument audition, which can be submitted remotely as a video recording, and placement tests for ear training. Consult the admission exam descriptions.

Block 1 - French

(0-3 credits)

During your first semester, you will be asked to take the Test de français Laval-Montréal.

  • If you score 60% or higher, you do not have to take any French courses.
  • If you score below 60%, you will need to take FRN-1900 Grammaire et rédaction (3 credits out of program).

If you did not complete your primary or secondary education in French, you will have to take the Test de connaissance du français tout public (TCF-TP). Depending on your score, you may need to take some French second language courses (maximum of 3 credits) as part of your qualifying courses.

Block 2 – General education

(12 credits)

Courses generally offered:

Block 3 - Complementary courses

(15-18 credits)

Program courses

After reaching an agreement with your program direction, you can choose up to a maximum of 6 credits within the following courses:

International mobility

Explore the different exchange and internship programs for international students.


Academic equivalence

Check the admission requirements and the minimum diploma required to study at Université Laval based on where you went to school.


Immigration process

Validate the steps to obtain the necessary study permits from the Québec and Canadian immigration authorities.