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Extending or changing your student authorization documents

It is common to have to renew or change your student authorization documents while studying in Québec.

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Often, the certificat d’acceptation du Québec [Québec acceptance certificate] (CAQ) and the study permit expire on the same day. You would have to renew the CAQ first and then the study permit. If this is the case for you, we advise you to start the renewal process 6 months before your current documents expire. However, your situation might be different depending on your passport’s expiry date. You may have to apply to renew only your study permit if your CAQ is still valid for a long time.

When you get a new CAQ or a new study permit, it is essential that you provide the Registrar’s Office a copy through monPortail (go to the “Documents légaux” (Legal documents) section under “Documents officiels” (Official documents)). Your legal documents must remain valid for you to retain the right to study. If you do not renew your legal documents on time, you may be un-enrolled.

Once you have a new study permit, you can apply to renew your temporary resident visa (TRV), if necessary. Once you have entered Canada, you don’t have to have a valid visa. Your study (or work) permit is the document that gives you legal status in Canada. However, a valid visa is required if you leave Canada and want to return if you are from a country for which a visa is required.

When your new Canadian study permit is approved, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) will be issued automatically at no additional cost.

If it is your first time applying for a CAQ or a study permit from within Canada, you will also find relevant information in this section. However, only certain visitors (without a study or work permit) are authorized to apply for a study permit from within Canada.

These visitors are:

  • Visiting students or students on an exchange program
  • Students who have completed a short-term course or study program that is a prerequisite for being accepted into a designated learning institution
  • Children under the age of majority studying at primary or secondary school
  • Spouses, common-law partners, or dependent children of international students or certain temporary workers

If you would like to correct an error made by a Canadian immigration officer when issuing your study permit, visit the page Amending a study permit.

Your study permit cannot be valid longer than your passport. Therefore, if your passport expires before the date to which you want to have your study permit extended, you must first renew your passport. However, the expiry date of your passport will not affect the expiry date of your CAQ. Contact your home country’s Canadian consulate or embassy to find out how to renew your passport.

The Bureau de la vie étudiante – BVE (Student Life Office) regularly offers presentations about this. See their website for details.

If you have any questions after reading this information, you can book an appointment with an international student advisor at the Bureau de la vie étudiante (Student Life Office).

The Immigration section of this website is intended to provide general information on current procedures, which may change at any time without notice. The laws and regulations in force in Québec and Canada, as well as the websites of Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration [Québec’s ministry of immigration, francisation, and integration] (MIFI) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), take precedence over this page.

Last updated on: 2024-03-26